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All user reviews for the E-MU APS

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 4 reviews57 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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pepernoel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Obiwan one day said, "you see Luke, it is better converters 20 bit/48khz good quality converters that bad qualitquot bit/192khz 24;

I'm going over the pass few months to go on Dagobah MDIT (and m'entraner)

when I returned, I told him rpondu, Obiwan, "Well, I have rflchi what you told me, and yes, you're right"

but when you leave, even when I swing round to: "but on the other it is better ct converters 24 bit/192khz good quality converters that 20 of bit/48khz qualitquot good, (and bam, in your face takes a Obiwan)

the above, the old Jedi who likes to have the last word, rtorqu me: "yeah well sr, if you got the means to offer you good converters bit/192khz 24. .. "

(It m'nerve Obiwan always right)

good, all is to say that I have an Emu APS since 1999, and its famous 20 converters bit/48khz lchs I have never, nor for the zic, either for games or for the home-cinma
So good, even when (and despite the 4500 en I slap the era) is reconnatre that good stuff, the quality is lbr />
see my profile for instruments that surround


Install ok, no prbl
use as
(Beginners to j'tais novice, but I galr c'tait because j'tais novice, as it were padawan)
since I pass matre Jedi I laugh softly, a will


Installation not prbl,
Apart from this famous story of alternative driver (see other reviews for history complte)
Moreover, I wonder if we will still hit 3-year Kx when Windows Vista will go ... (If you know what I mean, gentlemen ingnieurs home Emu ...)

ps: far be it from me to spit on the ide driver Kx, I t well in the shit without them, but that issue is reconnatre interface c'tait no joy from the mixer to origin

I've never taken the head or with latency or with a limited number of track

Cubase read (audio + midi) + effects + card wavelab recording time full duplex rel = ok


Something that is really excellent with this card is the bay faade is also practical qu'esthtique
MODEL is one of intgration I also understand why it has not gnralisbr /> 4500 against bullets by ... gloups, even when
I think when we find it now occase 90 (Empire fucking, fuck Darth Vader)

limiting the banks of the 32 MB limit drlement me too (o the purchase of an expander), ancient history, however, because since the new drivers is 512 MB or something like that , suddenly the card becomes a "real" sampler worthy of the name

So I still regret it,
and when I rcoute models (the equivalent of 5 cd) that I did with, well, a will, I am satisfied

casually I have 7 years even when

may be one day I will change for the 24 bit/192khz, but even when I keep always a good - good trs - remember this card

("Yes, it is better converters 20 bit/48khz good than bad con ..."
- Yes, a will, we understand)

mikelkun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

4 analog inputs (expandable). Including 2 front (5 ¼ rack). It incorporates a multi-effects (compressor reverb flanger chorus echo parametric equalizers 4 ... ..) Of course everything is managed by the DSP card, so the resources of the PC is completely free. It includes a sampler (up to 512 MB with new driver I think) and runs the excellent management system samples: soundfont (made in Sound Blaster). It comes with 2 banks GM (one of the other 2MB 8MB), and many bank of drums, bass, synth, piano, etc. sample. All that sounds pretty good. The sound quality is excellent in general. The sound quality is excellent for recording too. latency is less than 10 ms.


Used with sonar HS 2004. The drivers are fairly stable (I had to reinstall 2 times for no reason)


Okay so here begins the trouble. EMU has provided almost no support for this card. Drivers for Windows 2000/XP have 3-4 years to be available, most users already had the card to the basket, and many do not even know that new drivers are arranged, it must be said that the media always indicated that there would be no! Obviously once the junk is sold who cares! Good explanation of these new drivers is simple late, EMU has decided to return to the market for sound cards, and it was a little spot card at that price without an update. meantime there have been unofficial drivers (KX). The support by email to market as 2 or 3 years. After it tells you that the product is too old ..... You still have to say that this card was worth over 4000 F. A product of this award are expected to support a little better as a card to 500 balls. In short I am never forget the support EMU! Basically we just summarize it like this: EMU is a support made in taiwan for the price of major brand ....
The doc is in English. As always it takes a little time to master the product.


A good deal on occasion as many separate them are no longer hoping to have driver for Win 2000/XP

RME-iste's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Card purchased in 1999 that works to hell for a 350 mhz p2 Caden! (Win 98)
Describes all CHARACTERISTICS be vrifient. nothing wrong.
I have a table mix analog synths + 2 + 3 + spdif the 32 MB of RAM sample allous on (it seems that you can use up to 384 MB now!) that of the fourth bar in ...


Everything is nickel and the promises held that +


Drivers super stable set days in recent times to win 2k and xp
see Opinion prcedents
Cubase VST 5, I turn four audio tracks mono + 4 Stereo + 8 MIDI tracks + 1 or 2 virtual synth + 4 + 8 effects per track automation in all directions

latency? What is it?


Systm that sounds really beautiful.
superb sampler samples and the only BMOL came from the size limitation ram allocated but it is recently dcupl ...

report qualitprix untenable

christophe.alzetto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

It is a versatile card, a kind of precursor to a system that Creamw @ re Pulsar. I made this choice he Yadji almost 5 years (!) For the good report card qualitprix convertos with a different order than those of SB, a management and a DSP sounffonts tr s fully stocked with soft (the mixing desk and effects of the era w98, yum!) + I / O and analog numriques trs sufficient in number for studio work (insufficient for live, but not my n'tait) + doc a strong and accessible for home-studio owners still green ... For models it perfectly silent, it still is if you can afford to stay in 16 bit 48 Khz. That said I know that the pros used it a few times again for the def, reporting for music and movies (yes, really!) By mocking many of the limitation to 48 Khz.
It runs on an Athlon XP1800 + and 512MB of DDR, but once she turned on a lot less than without a problem!
So connectivity issue, ATTENTION: In addition there is a grate in the config jumper E-Drive, if you choose to send the 12 V power supply phantm (I prfre not serve me of a, I use pramps DDIS undertaking it and I come into line level), think connect asymtrique (TRS jacks), otherwise the signal bobo ... I apris my APRS NWPD dsesprement taken many weaklings ... No, these entries have the potato, but ... T - R - S! If necessary, you must tinker TRS-XLR cables.


Well, there have been 3 years galre black with a cessation of support drivcers. Fortunately, a ingnieur had the good ide, and the comptence gnrosit available to the famous Kx drivers. The problem is that the CABG virtual assignments and everything, c'tait a job for ... engineers. But O wonder, we learn now that E-MU (well, Creative, what) went back to taff and out ... version 1.6 for 2000 and XP! ! ! ! Incomprhensible ... but because of bnf. I started testing all bazard: ca Ragit carefully as old as 98 applications, but with limitations and less! And this is good: the softs taient trs, trs damn good routing and stack effects, sweet and stupid limitation of 32 KB of loading soundfon, ts in RAM jumps ! ! ! Ah ah ah, who said E-MU as an era c'tait strictly impossible, Mmmmmh ?.... As for latency, ASIO and everything has a ca t visibly amlior trs.
In short, the huge and unacceptable problem of incompatibility appear to belong to the past. To be confirmed. So, we end up with an effective management DSP possible time effects rls as trs really good.


Well, we saw the issue of drivers.
Cubase or Sonar, no problem. I have to make tests pass but the latency is 2 ms! As for the tracks simultanment readable in 48 Khz I turned twenty dj uneventful. Recording, you can make full use of all inputs simultanment no problem either, but in any case it takes the RAM!
So the 9 / 10 is by "forgetting" the PERIOD cessation support, einh, we do agree ...

Otherwise, a glimpse:


Old user of the bte, so it would seem that the arrival of drivers thanks 1.6 the E-MU offers a second life. And it may be worth, despite his ct Exceeds same as when I find it is convenient and it rings. Today, I'd perhaps be more for RME, a Creamware, whatever ... but the era c'tait a trs good choice, and I find it still crdible.

runuts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

J'm'en use it on a PC config duron 1200 with 512 MB SDRAM for models (like pop rock), coupled with sonar. Level features is a bit old (16bit 48khz) but not the stuff I hope to scrape enough quality to my sound card (a 48 or 96khs breath, it's still a breath o)). level instruments, I record mostly the voice, guitar, sound module, and synths (+ some soundfonts from time to time too).
Note: DSPs are great, and real-time effects are downright useful (for my level)


It has been said, but the installation of drivers is not possible on an original config> win98. Dur. and that's a shame, because the apps included with the drivers (table mix, playing soundfonts) were frank and friendly practices.
Today, it is the site FREQUENTLY checker, which provides drivers for XP and 2000, quite powerful, but very technical: to use the DSP must be banging a virtual wiring hot enough to saisr early . good, with a little practice, you get there (fortunately, we can save their configs).


The Kx drivers are stable, updated frequently (about once a month) and it is approaching at 4ms latency, which is very respectable, and sufficient to record a track over another without having to move. I record the songs as sonar generally have a dozen audio tracks, plus three tracks quattre noon, and arrived without any problems in re-record over one when it is necessary, or add virtual effects (reverb and company) DSP by reading out all this.
In short, nothing wrong with this view, this card is quite usable in home studio enthusiast.


I use it for about 3 years.
the +: no brainer for the install (Kx drivers), no latency issues, very little breath, the DSPs and the many effects included with the Kx drivers (among other auto-wah terrible drivers original) + 1 4in 2outs noon, just what I need (j qd've even added a USB MIDISPORT 2x2)
and -: gallery before falling on the Kx drivers, the gallery of wiring to use DSP effects with these drivers, small cracks in the tps tps (clicks).
value for money: in enuf, this card at a price compltement abérent (4000 balls I think) while qd is even a kind of soundblaster improved, but OCCAZ, we found for 200 euros, which is reasonable.
you do again this choice: Yeah, no doubt.
Docteur Frog07/30/2002

Docteur Frog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oy Oy,
Notice all card users who believed that the APS dveloppement driver could not exist since W98. ERROR !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Tlcharger gratuiteement adquate drivers from your Windows version on the following address:

New SoundFonts are available!!

A +
Alexis Calandry - Doctor Frog







samsong's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Posseceur this sound card for 2 and a half years, I have never had anything against him.
bits/48kHz converter 20, a multitude of I / O (6 jacks in total) and an e / s numrique.
It manages the sampling (remember that e-mu + possde one of the major, see the + big library of sounds in the world), the samples are provided ....
Finally, in short it is good to do everything (for Enquiries see the e-mu).
converter, sampling (up to 32MB), effects of good quality, but do not expect to have an emulator instead of the pc.
it turns on a system duron 700 with 192MB, 2 hard drives, no problems except for the redraw of drivers (warning windows xp: unrecognized!).


It installs without problem, the config is very ais (cubase user), it gre perfectly asio.




See caractritiques