RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II

Hammerfall DSP Multiface II, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from RME Audio.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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cleriensis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great product"

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
Fully compatible sound card and STABLE Linux, even in professional production.
It interfaces my DA and AD converters and this without any problems, linked to its powerful routing software HDSP mixer is a devilishly effective working tool

used with a PC station muscular (quadcore i7, 12g of ram under archlinux kernel PAE) and a mobile station from 2004 asus laptop W2PC aging but adequate (still under archlinux kernel RT).


Linux drivers and windows ultra stable, unshakeable even, it is also the reputation of the brand unanimous
I use it with Reaper and Ardour in professional production (editing and mastering label Ad Vitam) all under linux.
no update, but for what purpose? everything works perfectly ...
I have not tested the maximum number of track to play and record simultaneously, but in my daily use up to 1.5 ms latency I had no problem recording. I turn over around 8 ms for mastering (where latency is not a leading role) for safety only.


no problem with the installation, under near-native and Archlinux AVlinux (you just install the software routing) and a small exe file under windows. RAS
This is a very complete sound card so you have some time to enjoy the possibility to hdspmixer routing.
No incompatibilities encountered the clock instead of RME is very stable jitter is almost non existent making it the ideal interface for driver prestigious converters.
Not read the manual ...


I use it for two years after he struggled with firewire interfaces with Linux. Since that day I forget it completely makes his job quietly and impeccably.
I blame him for just the lack of XLR connectors for its output table, the jack is a bit crappy .. but as I have my own converter monitoring is not a problem for me I only use digital outputs. But I say that in absolute terms.
The sound of the DA is not a model of neutrality (a bit dark), but it is very nice, though stamped with a good spatial.
Q / P? we are in the pro gear, it was worth the money, at all levels, stabilté performance and ergonomics. Far ahead of the Focusrite and Echoaudio I also owned (except the DA conversion quality that I really liked about echoaudio, but too capricious to walk)

EPSIL@N's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" RME hits hard!"

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
MAO used to config my PC sound card that is simply excellent!

Connected to my mixer She sparks.

Why is this card? Audio converter at the top, number of audio input and output, the sound RME etc. ....


Installation is very simple, super stable driver windows 7 cubase 6 and 64-bit.

For now with 20 MIDI tracks live on VST very greedy, it is doing very well!

Latency is adjustable, I'm 512 and it is very good.


Perfect on this point, the interface is not very simple but you get there.

French manual and comprehensive.


This muliface II is a reference both sound use.
A flawless reliability and stability.
Only the PCIe card is optional and compulsory ... we add a surcharge to be taken into account in their purchase because the price is not cheap.

Congratulations to this excellent RME soundcard makes her happy propiriétaire;)

very good value / Sound / Price

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
Reputable RME
- For what purpose?
HS. Used with a PC assembler. No blocking or accidental crash.
Unit center and motherboard intel graphics card nvidia
Mainly used with both soft and qqs yam rs7000


Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) do you use the connection and how?
The only ngatif is that I have to have a Volume Controller. SPL Volume2. Because I can not control the sound on the face of the rack damage.


Everything is stable. Cubase OR


- How long have you use it?
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- How do you report qualitprix?
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes I do it again but this choice could put faade RME Rack Controller a volume that would be much nicer, it viterait supplmentaire the purchase of a Volume Controller ...

svs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
8 inputs / 8 outputs, renames RME!
-Use Homestudio
Pc-biProc athlon 64 1024 Ram, 300 Gig hard.
-No console to connect, out of direct monitoring.
I put the note 9, because I prfre and more of the south facade is placed is not gnial.


Installation is bluffing TElement is simple and fast! I put the pci card in the PC, I install the driver, I reboot the PC, connect the external box to the PCI Multiface II, and "miracle" was on. I run Cubase, test quickly, grows a little machine, and many feel it is the first weapon bttn this card! I just have the same but with little of Use, we feel that it's heavy! Moreover, the Multiface is heavy (literally, this time)! RME BRAVO!


Bttn-Driver, set days rguliere
-Cubase VST instruments and plug-ins
"I rgl latency 6 ms, 1.5 ms can be .... dscendre
"It's a wrinkles to mix with, The definition of sound is clean.


No points ngatifs, if only one, the interface panel config multimix RME is a bit viellote my taste, but incredibly effective! OH YES! you can do everything at routing ...!
I comaparer with Mackie ONYX 12 is good but very unstable (ds cubase crash ...) and Detla 44 (range underneath, Converto level and latency),
Report quality perfect price!
I will remake that choice without hsiter

th0rgal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
- What technical specifications motivated your choice? versatility.
- For what purpose? home studio with the multi-core PC assembled for this purpose
- What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)? DG965SS, Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHz), 4GB RAM, two hard drives: 80GB (OS, office) and 500GB (give, backup)
- Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ... mainly uses the analog instruments, guitar fender start + AX1500G Korg, Fender P-Bass Deluxe, Audix OM5, SE Electronics M1C + RME QuadMic, Kawai CA5 digital piano via MIDI, well, you name it.


- Installation is it without problem? Nickel: opens your PC, you plug the PCI card, you the branches polyface you boots.
- Have you experienced any incompatibility? nan
- The configuration gnrale is easy? conf ... ah yes, the TotalMix. A bit strange to beginners, but you soon realize the schmilleblicque, and frankly, provides a max.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ... not read.


- The drivers are stable? nan, a nice round rolls I use Linux (Kubuntu)
- Are they often put day? chpas. has followed the evolution of the ALSA drivers that are part of the Linux kernel.
- What software do you use most often? JACK audio server with all the software suite compatible with Ardour (DAW software), software bote Hydrogen rate, effects plugins LDSPA, DSSI and VST for Linux, Rosegarden MIDI sequencer, pfff, are so many things Linux, I can not quite numrer
- What you get lag? 1.3M
- How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ... chpas. I did not test all the tracks simultanment. I can certainly read a lot of tracks with no problem. Save plusiseurs too, but one of these four, I will test a nag. For the time saying anything is perfect.


- How long have you use it? less than a week to replace my Delta1010-LT.
- What is the particular feature you like best and least? the most versatility (for that was I bought it), you plug whatever you want, you come away what you want. For example, as the JACK server is a bit exclusive software reads mp3, ogg, etc, I usually redirect the output of the soundcard of my motherboard (onboard chip) to the Multiface. So I let it run my radio or my net collection of mp3, while log on my own compositions, thanks to the multi-routing of really versatile multifaceted. Minimum: took me a few hours before to capture the subtle TotalMix (call hdspmixer Linux) but I have not read the manual (thin excuse, I know;). on the other hand, for those who complain about the lack of mic and phantom power supply, the Multiface is not for a. I knew the purchase and I chop the QuadMic by the same occasion (very happy with the thing too).
- How do you report qualitprix? Is a bit chros but frankly, provides a well. And then at RME, these are really pros. Nan has the same level, when done for money.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... mmmm, yeah, I think, but I have not explored what is multifaceted in the gut. has not delay, once my studio is "achevquot, (mmmmm, that's the kind of thing that is beyond the grasp I think ...) and I record live bands.

Hawkai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface II
I shall decide finally publish my opinion on this interface that MRIT well. For some questions I refer you to the forum I o Retailer some aspect not ngliger in choosing this card or another.

Then caratristiques techniques that motivated my choice?
The fact that prs is all we can expect a big card is Submitted (the notable exception of pickups pramplis but I do not need on my sound card ) is a dj first important point.
In fact, what motivated my final choice, if one were to say it would be a bit faster ca "brand". But the fact is that I took my time beaucup DCID I ogle on products much cheaper to do without leaving the 8 inputs on other models of RME, j ' I hsit lot with Layla 3G and finally ... I thought that as an both tirlire break my bet on a sure value (supported by clear guidance from my teacher at the studio).

It may stepfather a bit simplistic (but my "quest" was far from the be trust me) but in fact ca résumé good enough and the thing I do not regret my choice you'll see.

- One of the strong points I think is the possibility to use the bandwidth of PCI while being able to use the card in both desktop and laptop (with the PCMCIA card even if I had qqs concern but not because of the Hammerfall)

- Total Mix is ​​also a lment dcisif which was ... in terms of routing difficult to find more powerful (and actually quite intuitive once you understand the logic).

For what purpose:
Cubase, audio and MIDI instrument (via Kontakt) model for the main rock. Use short rather basic home studio. Live prvue no control even if I do not exclude it. In fact I really wanted to replace my FINALLY ISIS with something much better without losing the Intrets of 8 inputs to the case where (which is not quite that difficult dpenser at least 400 euros).
My configuration:

This is one of the crucial points of my choice, my machine is not at all optimized for sound (I do other things bcp on the same machine), it is not TRSR cents:
P4C 2.6 GHz, Asus motherboard (P4P800S-X) chipset intel, now I have 1.5 GB of RAM (but normally single channel 400MHz but I have not yet blocked 320 rusolu the problem). I have this amount only recently, it turned 6 months with 512 MB
Whatever else, the OS is XP Pro SP2.
In short my machine is not an old nag but it's not a box of race and is a point on which I wish to emphasize that t dcisif and in my choice: unlike some Firewire cards (see notice for Fireface) that ncessitent a big machine to function, the Multiface II PCI Port bnficiant poses no problem with a configuration a little more tired. This silent out of the question for me to have to invest in a new PC because of my sound card.
Other hardware utiliss:

Mackie mixer (6 mic inputs + 4 Stereo, Stereo group), multi effect for guitar boss, keyboard matre noon. I do not have micro pramp ddi (except those of the console) but I have little useful to me because when I really need I acc s hardware at the Conservatory ... that everything can RVer (DM 2000 Shoeps microphones and neuwman, firface 800). This card is intended my little personal productions.

Of course my needs are srement evolve as and when and if I chose a more upscale MODEL is precisely to be quiet and not have to change hardware in 3 years .

-------------------------------------------------- -

For dtail of Technical Specifications can be found at the site but for résumé:
8 in / 8 out analog in symtriques 6.35 (+ headphone)
+ SPDIF (optical or coax your choice)
+ SPDIF (optical and coax)
MIDI input and output in faade (these are only taken into faade with the headset)
Word clock in and out
-> 10 is between 14 audio outputs without using the ADAT.
-> 16/20 if used in ADAT optical.
- Switches level faade (HG / +4 / -10) (a + is a big over the MF I)
If you want a connatre dtails SPECIFICATIONS Do not hesitate to ask me.

For me there is everything you need but I put "only" 9 for the lack of XLR (but I think in all cases it is prfrable to use a console or pramp of part)

Oh yes ... a note dernire I particulirement apprci also find an optical fiber long enough with the card. They are also supplied with equerrres and unlike other cards (Echo notammement even if the mark is the only one who could get would be my choice instead of RME the very end of my searches much) the volume knob is plastic, of course, but well made.

In the same order of ide THE FIRST thing that strikes you when you leave the rack ... is that a feels sturdy, it's not a plastic Casing is likely to shatter at the first shock, it's metal. As against a small problem in dcoule: ca pretty hot.


So ... The real question when looking FCHE 90% of interfaces ... Another point of which convinced me that I will not regret my money ^ ^

Nothing to say except that I actually wanted it works well. Implantation into the PC without problem, install the drivers quickly and efficiently I not even taken the time to see if there were any updates ... but why do when it works perfectly dj?
Problem of incompatibility?

Not the tail of a ... ah sorry if the problem of PCMCIA. I bought the card with the adapter Hammerfall PCI and PCMCIA version. Problem: my shiny new laptop does not have a PCMCIA possde but the new express bus (PCI Express equivalent of the laptop), suddenly I found myself all bte with my card. But this problem will allow me to dmontrer another good reason to choose RME (plutt that Hercules, at random ... well I know have to compare like with like).

Dja I could return the PCMCIA thanks the good will of my dealer, then begins the quest "but will I be able to turn my beautiful polyface on my laptop?"
Well, the rponse is YES, it is not yet done but RME has released version there are few PCI-X and confirmations hotline given me the upcoming release of the new Express Card version (note the hotline is relatively efficient and with a normal numro, not one of those 08 horribly expensive and that costs were never o a REAL technician on the phone). RME not only to "carry" the interface card but optimizes it so that we benefitted from better bandwidth. In short apprciera is great to see a brand that truly follows its products.

As for the drivers it should be noted also the compatibility with a maximum of operating systems and not just with XP SP 2, it can always be INTERESTED to say that we can iron it on a map old 98, on a Linux or another version of windows (or on a Mac OS9 or OSX). It tmoigne, the more of a concern tural brand dvelopper drivers instead of making as little as possible as some ...

Configuration gnrale

My time is not much point either this level, as well ... panel hammerfall and effective j'apprcie particulirement the tmoins sync numriques for inputs, the total mix takes a little getting started but we can not even dbrouiller pig and have it all once you understand the rooting then the ... it is simply royal! Note also prsence with the driver of a utility analysis (DIGICheck) notte offering a spectrum analyzer and a phase corrlateur in real time.

The manual

Pdf on the CD and printed on paper, the quality of the paper is fairly simple but mdiocre prsence a paper manual is sufficiently rare to be when aprcie same. The manual is pretty much done at first and I think it can be seen the ncessaire bte. But it is not necessary to use the hardware when you have a minimum of knowledge, I have still only vaguely survoll.



Dja evokes ... provided for many OS, simple stable effective even no need to update, srement The most unassailable of this model can be the same dconnecter btier and hand hot ... FLOW. It has never plant the nose. It does not conflict with other cards (just imagine ... I even did the test just to see, under Windows 98 to record 16 tracks simultanment Cubase, 8 with the RME and 8 with the ISIS ... not the least concern)

Frquence updates on the day, I think it's okay but again why put dja day which is almost perfect in dpart?
Utiliss software:

DIFFERENT nottemment Kontakt2 Native Instruments, Cubase 4, Soundforge and Wavelab (more basic multimedia applications like winamp etc)

Latency, number of tracks

Bah 1.5 msecondes for NI standalone, go 3 or 6 if it is a bit heavy on cubase I stay with 12 ms latency to be quiet but can go lower without worry. The above is above all that I limit my machine, I think the problem I have with Cubase could c'tait more CPU overhead than the real concerns of latency with the card. On this point no inquitudes.

Anyone even a little information will confirm that for the bandwidth, we still find no better than the PCI (if the PCI-X ^ ^ that can exploit the multifaceted, too). It's just faster and more reliable than the firwire (do not even talk usb, lol). A Fireface 800 is not faster, on the contrary.

Level tracks I finished my first real project rcement since I just changed my configuration sound, I ride a 30 groin audio and MIDI tracks with 4 6 instruments Kontakt quite heavy, some basic effects. The only problem I encountered still come a time in my machine with the amount of RAM and CPU power begins to be a little lgre Cubase 4. I did not test the maxium audio but I think we can go well without any concern del 32.
Anyway ... on all these points there is absolutely no reproach to the map


I've had 6 less even if I have a bit late to fully exploit the (time to replace the bank that I used with ISIS by vst instruments, to find what I wanted to my intruments with kontakt etc).

The + and -

The pros:
- Total mix is ​​gnial and is aptly named: it can do everything.
- The stability is a real rock
- The number of inputs and outputs, ADAT etc..
- The versatility and yes ... ca be a beautiful one card to work prvue plutt Fawn "fixed", the fact that the box can be connected to a Hammerfall card in PCI, PCI-X, PCMCIA and express card is soon to INTERESTED really, certainly requires a Controller buy more cards but in the end It does not come back more than a Fireface 800 with all the benefits of a card "internal" + rack (Note: PCMCIA cards are books in great accessories, including a power supply for the rack by cigarette lighter ^ ^).

I still could not take advantage of this but it does know the delay (and then a laptop with a PCMCIA quip no problem). But the fault here back to the laptop, not the hammerfall (and one that I have not got enough information on this before the dtail)
The -: it's really small bte seek to find.

- It heats me, that's my most ESG, my room is small and does it quickly untenable (that ca is added to the screen and even the power supply of Anyway table :-(). There's worse is not it? But hey ca t would cool if they had thought to put an On / Off button.

- No apps / bundle provided with, a kind of live version of LE or Cubase etc. ... (But I personally have prfre drivers that take the road and DIGICheck)

- No connection XLR microphones and prampli.
-> I think this is the only real reason that can push you to take another card but I think a false problem because the four entries in a Fireface 800 not enough for any F we really do without a table and live in the studio all have pramps part. But hey I can understand that having prfre on the map.

- No wavetable, ca me a little while Bond to change my fawn, fawn, but none of any real card does intgre home studio (I do not understand to Nor why ...)

- Oh yes, and even when the price ... ca is not donnbr /> other models essays

- In the family not comparable: Home studio pro, ISIS, Terratec DMX6 Fire, and the first model from M audio (which I had all the trouble to walk out of the service pack 2 no salvation! )

- In the same order of RPIX: I had the opportunity to use the conservatory or the School of digidesign (Digi001), the motu, the RME (Fireface 800, Digiface). I also could not compare a map of the type M-Audio FW410, all on both Mac and PC.

- In the family "more" comparable ... I could see the turn card michrinos + sphynx Piramix but with a good 10 000 euros the map at the same time.

And I pass at least one month sprigs forums and topics here and elsewhere even before I DCID, the only brand that could compete as Echo.
Report quality price

Well it's still a bit expensive even OK. But I'm not prs to change because it lacks the Adat, I only have between four or because I'm sick of it crashes. If compared qualitprix means not too expensive and works just prs we must do better. But shame given the quality of stuff is not far from the abuse, at least we know why we pay the price l. I have prfre pay 900 euros for the Hammerfall PCI + rack (basically that's what it cost me and be really happy than to have cracked 400 euros in a M- Audio or Edirol and have regret.
In short I would do this choice with eyes closed and I will strongly advise that more, I advise you to even rflchir twice before taking a Fireface 800 or any other large map Firewire and throw in a oeuil it i before.
I have not spoken of the quality of the converters, I leave that has ears longer affine, all the rest of my fawn installation does not allow to judge with sufficient relevance, but hey m me on mdiocres pregnant when we feel the same diffrence with any card "basic".

For more details go here again: https://fr.forums.audiofanzine.com/apprendre/mailing_forums/index, idtopic, 278316, page 1.html # 4307833