Echo Layla 24
Echo Layla 24

Layla 24, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Echo.

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All user reviews for the Echo Layla 24

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 5 reviews45 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

AlanForPresident's review"Good, but keep it cool"

Echo Layla 24
The Echo Layla is a 24 Bit 8 channel PCI Audio Interface that can not be bought anymore (new) because the manufactures pulled it from the shelves and has put out other products to replace it. That does not mean you should not try to find one if you are in the search for a similar interface, I am pretty sure you can get one online somewhere , maybe even eBay! I have used this Interface with Sonar on many occasions and never had any issues with it. The Layla echo does have a horrible issue with over heating. This could be the reason they have pulled the interface from the market. Alot of people where having issues especially when using it in a small space that gets warm.. The Layla Echo needs to be kept a cooler temp than you would keep most your gear at. So keeping a fan on it is almost a must (any time it is on). There are enough ins and outs on the Layla to run your whole studio and record all you need simultaneously.


The latency is very low and not really noticeable at all. I haven’t recorded more than 3 tracks at a time but I know you can record more with it. Being in engineer school, I get the chance to work with a lot of interfaces and the Layla by Echo is one of the ones that I wont forget because it worked well and it lasted a long time. I actually spent most of my freshman year using it. If I remember correctly, there was an update for it but I didn’t have to update it I just read the memo.


No compatibility issues and the manual was easy to use and read. It is probably a longer manual than what it really needed to be and I do wish the manual said something about not letting the unit get over heated or it will fry!


Best part of the Layla is that there were never any problems when using it, it was just sad to see so many of these fry. I am thankful for the experience that I had with the Layla and I am sure all of those around me were too. It is a great piece of gear.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"freakin awsome "

Echo Layla 24
The Echo Layla 24 is a great rack able audio interface that I was so thankful to have a few years ago. Keep in mind that if you are looking for this device that it is no longer being created, they have upgraded it a little while go. But you can still find these online and people are getting rid of them to upgrade. I have seen some go online for really cheap recently. If you can get your hands on this interface for cheap it’s a steal. This is a very great interface with enough ins and outs to run your whole studio. If you have a lot of gear, you can have it all hooked up at the same time and never had to unplug anything in order to get new gear hooked up. I love having the ability to not have to unplug a mic, just to plug in a different mic. That was the sole reason why I purchased this interface, I was at first worried because I had not heard of Echo before nor its interfaces. But after the guy at the store told me it was a good unit and I had a money back grantee I didn’t have anything to lose so I got it.


It is a pretty simple unit, there isn’t anything on the front of the unit at all, it looks very stylish. The back of it is where everything is at, you wont need to even look at a manual because there is nothing to understand, everything on the back of the unit is labeled and ready to have your stuff plugged in.


No lag, and it provides a great sound. You cant beat that.


I think this unit is a steal now. When it first came out it was affordable but probably still a little too expensive for the average person to invest into a piece of gear from a company they have never heard of. If you want the newer version look into the Layla 3g. It is great as well, just newer and more expensive.

Djciel's review"Awesome!"

Echo Layla 24
The number of jack I/Os and the fact that the card is pci


The latency with live 7 is 12ms. I sometimes use up to 20+ tracks with 1 pan, eq, compressor per channel, and the card doesn't even flinch.
It works with assio4all v2.


I installed it on my PC running Seven 64bits and, to be honest, I have never had an issue so far.


I've been using it intensively since May and it's the core of my home studio.
I would've love to have two XLR outputs more for monitoring and one more midi i/o.
Other than that, it's a good product!
Audiofanzine FR03/15/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Echo Layla 24
(Originally written by tweak/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Very good sound card with comprehensive and professional connections.

In the beginning I used it to record single tracks and now I use it for multitrack recording.

My computer is a bit old: I bought it in 2004. It's a P4 2.8 GHz with 1 GB Ram.

The sound card is connected to a mixer via a patchbay. It gives me a great routing flexibility. I use it to record synths, samplers and drum machines.


I needed some time to find out which of my 3 PCI ports worked good with it. The computer crashed while booting with two of the PCI ports. So it was not easy to find the right port. The installation is easy and fast. Install the driver, reboot, connect the card, reboot again, turn on.

The first time I used it the sound blew me away.

I have almost forgotten that the card is in my rack and that's perfect! It does the job very good and doesn't cause any problems.

I almost didn't need the user's manual so I can't remember if it's good or not... That means it was well conceived.


The card never crashes. I use it with Samplitude Pro 8 and Soundforge 6. It's perfect for audio playback and recording.

I don't know how many tracks I can record simultaneously because I don't record many tracks at the same time. I had project with about 20 tracks for playback and my obsolete computer couldn't handle it.

I don't use the internal mixer a lot because I have an external one.


I've owned it for one or two years. I previously had an Edirol FA101. And I immediately heard the difference!!!

This card is more stable and it doesn't crash. The sound is more dynamic and clearer with brilliant highs and round lows. The connections are comprehensive. The internal mixer is convenient.

It does its job and can be mounted in a rack.

Compared to the FA101 I can hear the improvement even with Ghost PA speakers! It's so obvious!

I get a very good sound with a JBL LSR 4326 monitoring system. The playback is faithful to the recording. I get a huge output level and a punchy sound.

I'm very satisfied with this product. I paid less for it than what I got for the FA101. So in the I earned some money and got a better sound. If it ever breaks it will be difficult to find a good replacement.

One thing is for sure: I don't want a Firewire solution anymore... The next card I buy will be a Lucid Audio + PCI Adat card, for example.
Audiofanzine FR12/09/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Echo Layla 24
(Originally written by vrsoundtrack/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
8 inputs, 8 outputs

+ digital outputs

I use it in my home studio.

My PC system: P4 3.2 GHz, Raid Sata2, Asus P5WDE-E Premium mother board, 2 GB Ram

The interface is connected to my sound generators.


No installation problems.

Easy configuration of the mixer panel.


Very reliable drivers.

0.07 sec. latency time.


Considering the price, it should have metal instead of plastic 1/4" connectors.

Sam(edirien)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla 24
The 8 I / O really motivated me. When I found this qu'tait the ADAT port and that it possdait 1, j'tait in heaven ...
I use it mainly for the home studio, 8 tracks often at the same time.
I also intended to record live I just bought a 2nd ... (I have a rack prfre Converto, issue of resolutions and price ...)
P IV 3G, 2 GB Ram, Sata 2 HDD, the bte short runs without worry now.

No AES / EBU output (but the ADAT and S / PDIF support sync without too much trouble), I / O Jacks symtriques (no XLR avanatges ... for me, inconvniant for others. ..)


No worries, easy installation only.
Drivers stable config simple (no need to read the manual limit ...) the console is easily exploitable
English manual (do not worry but hey, tt the world is not English ...)


Simultanment 8 tracks, add-on month-end ds that I tested the 2 cards together ...
No worries as VST32 not really tried in SX.
6ms in 96kHz .... Royal.


2 years I trimballe ... and it's even gone to a piece of tps ...
The face of the bte ... arf, I love it, simple, effective ... tjs
Without hsit I will make the same choice, too ... that's what I did.
Although an expensive purchase hair leaving it MRIT that s'interresse it. Not requiring prampli (I think they are worse than forcment pramp rack rate requires ...) I do not reproach her.
9 total because nobody is perfect ...

UP: 16 track analog 2 cards thanks ... Its price chutte free, but it is excellent.

Mass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla 24
I wanted a card 8 E / S, with S / PDIF, ADAT, MIDI. TRS good converters. 1000 budget. A pretty face. A 19 "rack. A headphone jack with adjustable volume + faade. C'tait so it read.

I use it to record (vocals, piano, guitar, percussion) and mix.

I use it mostly to record a voice (+ talkback) and a piano numrique and out of monitors and a headphone amp. It makes us so a MIDI I / O and 4 analog I / O. Half operates so.

It lacks micro preamps. She has aged a little over the competition. 7 / 10.


Problem-free installation (Windows, Linux).
No incompatibility.
Configuration very simple.
Manuel? Uh.


The drivers are stable, but I think any more updated. I'm starting to use Linux, so the drivers continue to evolve.
I use it with Cubase SX and Ardour.
I get the minimum latency Pipelines Limited. I know how much.
I reach record eight I / O, as indicated on the contract. APRS, adpend if my PC is fit or not.

In use, no problem. I just AIM to route signals Fawn software, rather than through cables. 7 / 10.


I use it for 2 years. I like it, but I'd probably be more the RME Fireface 800 which is more my needs (micro pramplis, routing of egg). I had not tried other models before buying.
Report qualitprix ok. She lost a lot of value in a few months. It's stupid for me.
With exprience, I will take the RME Fireface 800. The Layla24 is not it cool, but I prfre another.

Jayhdy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla 24
8 inputs, 8 outputs, optical and Midi controller one to 01 V, has it's great. I use it at home, in the studio to record live.
I work on Pc athlo K7 800, 784 Mb SDRAM (133Mhz), 3 disk IDE 7200, 2 7200 firewire disk;
I use a 01V with the Schoeps and Neumann and of EMU Darwin (DTD). My rating is only 8 but there is no AES (pro card?) And in / outs are really jacks Wed question ..


Incredible! Especially for the era of the output. I use it for over 2 years and no crash, but the manual is clear and in English for stupid questions or subsidiary service email Echo is unbelievable (believe they sleep derrire their posts! ).
The routing of the card is gorgeous and super easy, a must for me.


Drivers gniaux super stable and rgulirement updates.
I am using Nuendo, Wavelab, FIRST, and it's VEGAS trs trs stable latency barely audible and very easy adjustable.

I also work well in small sessions (4 tracks) than large trs (dernire in dte 84 tracks including 32 stro) and running but not on an external disk!
Recording 16 runs trs trs well but again on a disk diffrent internal bone.


Dj 2 years and above 2 years of this wonderful thanks Fidler Echo carte.Super drivers, super routing, integration with no problem but the o is down injured on the dnomination card.
I read business card. Even if it's true that 3 Tracks, 2 albums and 10 lives later and still works even though we feel that trs card compress, cut a little from of 30 Hz and above 18 kHz (also diagrams refltent the Echo and it's one of the few brands to post again congratulations to the support). Since I had the opportunity to try different brands DIFFERENT awards including one that sounds really Manir a linear (this is the most important point and the most critical for a mix: monitoring) is the Digigram VX pocket that can support a professional concept in comparison with Layla a little expensive when mme.Aujourd 'Today I turned over to a metric or if MOTU c'tait 2 years ago I referrer .

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla 24
The number of and technical records that I've read


No particular problem


I record some simultaneously track for now, but in no particular Cubase SX bp on a PC everything


3 months
pro quality but requires like any pro quality of a work for voices taken prampli
difficult to try the cards, the choice was made on the bcp reputation
anyway this is a good choice
Ere one02/01/2003

Ere one's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla 24
- 8E / S analog I / O ADAT, noon, World Clock sync for pro recording studios
- Mix audio to prod a live DVD and TV
- AsusP4PE/P4 2G/2x256Mo PC2700/AGP RADEON9500/WinXP/DD 40GB IDE 2 60GB IDE HDD (datas)


- Install XP without pb
- Attention Cubase VST5: SET PRIORITIES custom settings advances in mode 2 and 4 or try other. Alternatively, take a Cubase SL / SX ...
- Config gnrale under winXP without pbl, but beware some worm drivers under Win98SE


- Drivers ver 6.5 stable with XP
- Shift rgulire
- Use primarily with VST5 Cubase + Waves plug type
- 4ms in 48Khz
- Writing in the 8-track sim. no pbl
- Session PRS 40G shelf without listening pbl
- Playback of 42 audio tracks + 4 + 2 5 8 effects without any MIDI tracks pbl!


- Use since 01/01/2002 under Win98SE and WinXP since 01/01/2003
- Submitted Up, stability under WinXP without reproach. Works perfectly under Win98SE, but depends on the drivers.
- Good qualitprix