ESI Wami Rack 24
ESI Wami Rack 24

Wami Rack 24, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from ESI.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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ear2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI Wami Rack 24
I use this sound card a long time. In the era, my choice motivated by the silent ASIO2.0 drivers and the number of I / O large enough.
The pub also very windy era 120db dynamic which had strongly influenced my purchase.
I use it on a PIV/3Ghz, no problem.
It is a rev of the catch of his on my synths.

Today it is a card that you can not find that opportunity and its relationship qualitprix gets really good trs. It possdera less I / O card that will only rcente and the 24/96, but the quality is at the appointment.

It has 4 line inputs with mic + 48v power supply, 8 outputs, midi in 4, 4 midi out, SPDIF I / O and 24/96 Optical, World Clock master and slave.
All I / O symtriques (Stereo Jack).


RAS, never had a problem to install.


Latency is correct -> drivers are well developed.
I come easily have the 4 / 8 out simultanments.
Are among the least numrique located on the analog input 3 / 4 which does not use two at the same time.
Same for output numrique on analog outputs 1 / 2.
MIDI works well but does not like some sysex too busy. For MIDI I use a motu is much more stable.


I use it for at least 3 years and apart from a tendency to heat the fcheuse pice, nothing really mchant report.
The Converto are good, sound is OK for this rev range.
The microphone preamp's not bad, but not counted by performing miracles is not at Neve.
I AIM one or two XLR microphone connections for facade, see the same jack.

The reliability is good, it still does not breath from the time I use it.

I think I will keep, since the selling price, and then it dpanne always a few I / O and more.
Today I turned towards plutt Converto better invoice as Apogee, but the price is not the same and I could not afford (well it will be a financial sacrifice even qd) .

Kando's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI Wami Rack 24
I bought this card for its very complte connections (apart from the ADAT).
I use a PC (AMD Athlon XP 2400 with 1024 Ram, Windows XP Pro) networking (VST System Link) with my PC "principal" (with Fw-1884).
The two were connected in config and SPDIF audio.

I note 8 of 10 for its connection with 2 complte very less for the ADAT missing.


Installation (Windows XP pro) ran without any problem and 3 minutes by my watch. (Drivers available on the site EgoSys)
However the Control Panel has several flaws: Deja is really tiny (res: 1280 / 1024), then it is quite ugly and not very very clear, but it happens when even very easy to find her again.

The manual that I was in English, but not to me anyway so no use the card is easy to use. (Except perhaps for beginners).

I note 8 for the control panel really means and for the record only in English (not even french PDF on the site)


The drivers are Ultra srable windows XP (and I imagine even more under Win2000 or 98).
Maheureusement they are no longer updated (but hey .... stablent as they are!)

I used this card with Nuendo 2 and Cubase sx2 no problem;
With a latency of 4 ms, the Wamirack 24 is a formidable element in the Midi to be used with great VSTi.

I never really have potential in audio test.

9 I note for today Updated stopped.


I used it for about 6 months without any worries ...
I have AIM on this map the first connection really complte, its audio quality really professional.

However the Wamirack has a very big flaw ... She very hot to the point of not being able to put in a rack with another card above it.

At least for about 300 in time, the remaining 24 Wamirack a sound card than a competitive time today. It is placed in the same category as a Delta 1010 (it is even more complete) or an Edirol 2496.

In short, in the same circumstances, I would do without this choice problem.

I note a 9 because of its excess heat!

gedeon_6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI Wami Rack 24
4 in / 8 out analog
interface numrique
24bits recordable
drivers for GigaStudio
low latency
4 midi in / out quickly to buy another card for MIDI
config: KG7raid / Athlon TB 1400


Their Systm Uninstallation for a driver update is pretty weird.
Of strangeness occurs with VIA chipset motherboard or hybrid AMD / VIA (eg loss of registry renewal at the offset audio + video).
The config gnrale is easy.


The drivers have never t stable on my System. Map rgulirement blocked (but trs random image) the boot of my System. By changing the drivers, arsolvait sometimes my problem.
The drivers are not set day for over a year, given that other products exist. No follow-up, apparently.
I got a latency of 6 ms, 12 ms, but, it happens all the same better.
I've read more than 32 audio tracks simultannes carefree.


I used it for 2 years and died, blocking my DEFINITIONS System.
Apparently this is a hardware problem (initialization is no longer). I replaced by an RME Multiface PCI.
I liked the pseudo led VU nitre in faade and the level of entrerglable by software.
To beginners, I thought that the ratio price quality silent perfect, but since the card lch me after 2 years I saw my trial.
I do not have that choice would do, for sure.
In addition, it heats normment (it is sometimes impossible to leave his hand on the capos as it DGIG heat). Ds is at risk of racking with other instruments.
And the oddities: Why give the card with a fuse of a lack of capacity to the grid ds first ignition of the rack? In short, that happiness ... I could work somehow pdt 2 years, but I spend as much work as that rsoudre lesproblmes poss by this card. Again, may come from my personal config, even when masi ....

Emrick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI Wami Rack 24
4 in / 4 out noon
4 in / 8 out audio
19 "
preamp, VU meter ...
up to 96 kHz


Drivers are regularly updated but not the manual ...
For basic functions, but it's enough of that desire to use the new features we can not rely solely on intuition.
Installation is easy, but the optimization may take a while (in my case a few months without being 100% satistait)


The +
drivers often put day
compatible and ASIO2 GigaSampler
integrbr preamp /> quality audio
FAQ Site

the -
Operating uneven across hardware configurations
VIA chipset / Intel

For my part I have a VIA chip and an AMD proc and after some galleries it works wonderfully.
(Audio more clicks, more latency, that's good!)


Finally, the wamirack 24 is a good product with great value qualitprix.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI Wami Rack 24
120dB 24-bit digital audio recordings in analog and digital
(Coaxial or optical) sources
8 analog outputs and a digital mixer apart.
You could use the 8 outputs as if they were 8-bus console
8 independent analog "outputs"
24-bit, 96kHz digital audio, analog level +4 dBu, Optical and Coaxial S / PDIF digital connectors, BNC connectors for word clock, 120dB dynamic range and 4 channels of phantom power mic preamp has Supplying.
4 In / 4 Out MIDI Interface Professional

4 in / 4 out MIDI interface 64 MIDI channels.

SMPTE and Word Clock Sync Interface

External rack


Installation Wizard
Recommended Windows 2000 or XP.

Gigastuio for users is the ideal card:
GIGAWIRE new technology: the virtual audio wire for GigaStudio
GigaStudio Directly Into Stream audio applications using ASIO The input
"E-WDM drivers


-> the best in the market for XP and 2000
(Windows 98 and Me to avoid)
E-WDM: WDM KS / GSIF (rare xp for other cards) / ASIO2 / MS ... (multiclient) - in out vitual unlimited ........


1 month
+ Funky sound great drivers (finally a map where they no longer posed the question of drivers ...)
Value for money: this card remains high -
is the price of quality