E-MU 1616M
E-MU 1616M

1616M, PCMCIA Soundcard from E-MU.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 10 reviews )
 8 reviews80 %
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

E-MU 1616M
Wish it had second seperate headphone output. The PCMIA card was supposed to light up blue like the box does but they deaded that right before they put it on the shelf,some kind of interference problems so they left it out. Cat5 cable is bulky and only 3 meters long though an optional 10 meter one can be bought through EMU. Wish the inerface box was bus powered. Built in turntable pre is cool.

Price paid: $500.00 USD


Slight learning curve. Good manual. The DSP takes some strain off of your computer processor.Everybody complains about Patchmix but I actually like it. You can set up your own custom effect routings, session presets and trade with fellow EMU heads. Customer service is decent. The productionforums.com site will help you out if you don't understand something. Comes with a good sequencer/startup package also.


PCMIA card is just that,be careful with it. Comes with a nice carrying case for the card. The interface box seems to be nice and sturdy. Both fit nice in M-AUDIO mobile studio backpack.


Pro Tools DAC you know. Pristine. Nice preamps too.

Hasn't failed me yet. Loves me and I love it back. EMU has a tradiion of quality products. The rep proceeds. Now where can I get A SP1200 for cheap?????

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: The Tone Ranger ( 4-, 2006)

Eynkel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The old, but good!"

E-MU 1616M
I was motivated by the technical, the real!
A great preamp input and more than 120 dB signal to noise ratio is more than I wondered at this price!

I worked a lot on stereo jacks up so the two combo inputs on the front I was immediately seduced.

I used this card in both PCI and then I bought the PCMCIA module apart to be able to travel with.


I used this module with win XP / Vista and 7. No stability problems.
Latency is all that is inaudible once it is not too dependent effects on the mule in all tracks.

The biggest project with this card: 68 audio tracks.

- The plugs are supplied with the type gadget (except the frequency generator)
- The transformer that powers the unit (the 48V output, mine burnt to hard to replace!)
- The routing software

+ Output level modular-10dB or +4 dB to attack on the pro (my kind of Manley Vari-mu)
+ + The connection between PCI card and the module is done by ethernet cable: super fast, stable, good cable lengths possible top! (Why others do not they???)
+ + Sound quality!


Easy installation, routing not always clear, up-to-day drivers, blah.


It's been 7 years now I use it, it is still functioning!
This is the heart of my studio that I extended to 14 tracks with the ADAT optical Saffire with a liquid 56.

I had a lot of other cards with different generation (ISIS / Motu / Digi 001/Pro-tools first generation HD, etc ...) and although it is the only who do not take a wrinkle in time. The design was sound. Not based on smoke and mirrors on the sampling freq inaudible (Shannon's theorem should be mastered by the buyers card!) But on a good gain entry with a very good signal / noise

Miking with 14 Channels + SPDIF witness in a skyscraper without dropping out, no problem on that side.

What I love most:
able to trust him before attacking a project, even the heavy! The sound will be the appointment if I make a good decision.

What I like least:
The routing for a headphone mix or mastering by decoupling the output / audio inputs, one must return to the app that is not ... extraordinary.

incredible value for money for such small config

I repeat a well, but mine does not crash!

JMH's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" VERY POWERFUL"

E-MU 1616M
Casing powerful trs: numerous inputs / outputs including 2 inputs with phantom power supply.
Connection between PC and interface cable network (immune to noise and allows for very long)
Excellent audio quality.
Is configured on a PC just like a mixer.


Never had any crash.
Software: Cubase and Sibelius
Recording 6 tracks simultaneously.
No audible latency problem.


Easy installation.
Configuration as a mixer on the PC.
No pb of incompatibility.
Manuel ... ncessaire not!


Use for 5 years.
No other models comparable essay.
Particularity transparent use once configured!
Report qualitprix correct.

YES, I would do this choice!

MarcArrigoni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
All t adj said on this map. Ideal configuration in mobile, small lgre, pramplis good, a lot of I / O to the size, between spdif and adat (8 inputs / outputs as well when it has need ...) and especially the fact that it is in two parts: the PCMCIA card, a headphone possdant, very practical or cost to mix on his laptop while traveling (an equivalent mbox micro) , connects to the dock, the sound card itself, the intermdiaire an Ethernet cable (dport possibility of the sound card).


Never had a problem software. The routing software is powerful trs, not super easy to forcment ACCS to beginners, but you get used quickly.


No problem.


I use it for 2 years now I have made many recordings with it and never had a problem. It fits in a backpack with my laptop, it is the main intrt! Trs good report quality price.

matyuz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
I setup a laptop Charcha




Effects of the order of the gadget ...


Having lost my transformer to use my sound card (dlivrant of 48v, so galre find ...), I think, naively, that "it was enough for me to" order one from an importer of some kind. .......
I was rpondu (and confirm that the firm E-MU did not grant dtach spices.
This means:
Basically, if you have a problem, they would clap ....
This is not a business logic.
I bought a 1616m (not given), less than CHRE RME (notamment. ..), certainly, but frankly less efficient (latency clicks before too lev (12ms minimum latency for Use a stable, against 3 for ... RME) and the effects taking over the gadget as the sound effect. APRS some disappointment with the first uses (okay, I use it with max and puredata live, so I asked him a lot ...), I must say that the impossibility to obtain spices dtach was for me the blow of grace.
I'll add that their products are manufactured in Malaysia, well known for its high wages and attractive tax, which is not their benefit.
It's not professional.

Mathieu POMES
Sound Engineer

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
Everything is already said. Note that it works with a PCI PCMCIA adapter.

6 among which 2 analog mic / line / instrument. ADAT and SPDIF. Optional worldclock.


No specific problem.


The DSP allows the singer to get along with effects (reverb ...) without saving. The routing is very powerful, you just understand.


The sound seems to me A / B comparison much better than that of the Fireface 400 (these are just my tastes ... but it's obvious to me). The pramps are very good for the built-but rather is used with external pramps good. Nevertheless their rsulat is very clean and usable.

This is the top level that price. For me the only interface to the pro that price I (and above).

The last opinion seems appalling and unjustified if not walk takes vrifier your config first. Among the microphones are excellent for this price. I'm not the only one thinking that it sounds better than the RME

goklixy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
I sought a card for laptop that gives me both latency and comfort other than that I usb1 a bad exprience, the pramps convertos correct and well made. Hsitant a moment to spend more upscale type RME or MOTU, I quickly looked at the 1616m dcisifs who had these benefits for me: PCMCIA connection, pramplis cool (with little more than softclipping for instrumentals), convertos rputs well.
The purpose of silent record vocals, guitars, bass ...
Config: HP laptop athlon 3000 + / 768MB RAM / HD External FW400 / Cubase SX


Forums around me a little nervous but no concern for me


This is my 3rd card (APRS an EDIROL UA-5 and an X-Station) and THE FIRST Entire give me satisfaction, stable up to 10ms with lots of tracks, 5ms limiting .


Bought 8 months ago and I am trs trs happy with my choice. I finally have a card that fits all my needs and am satisfied with the sound! The classes are really convertos pramp and brings into focus the beats.
Ct ngatifs points I have nothing to say but I n'utilsie not all features .. the PatchMix is ​​certainly a little complicated but it is capturing powerful enough once you get the matrise, at least for what I want to do is top dj. DSP effects are apparently means but I do not use them ..

Whereas the use of the blow that I have and the price I agreed to, it's a great rapp Q / P

Mevlana's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
Attention fragile!

I bought it three months ago.

Plastic EDI connector of the PCMCIA card has exploded. I sent in for repair, they will replace the card, DLAI 7 to 10 days.






Good card but fragile
le barde05/31/2006

le barde's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
I chose this card (third or fourth change of the sound card to live) because I had stability problems with my EgoSys quatfire. I was looking for because the firewire pcmcia laptop seemed uncertain (mini firewire connector too fragile in a live environment and doubts about the adapters pcmcia / firewire)
So a card suitable for use with a notebook seemed a prime choice.
and then the choice is fairly limited in existing products. That was in large or RME.
1616m version includes better converters than the 1616, so it focuses on quality and we add a few cents.
includes the DSP, the i / o me suitable, the adat to connect my laptop to my main station in the studio ... all parameters
interesting to me for my use. In addition, all notices that I consult before purchase were more than favorable.

use:: live mainly in connection with my adat main station to run a project on two machines, or simply
load a plugin on the laptop, the drive from the main station, and pass the audio via ADAT.

config:: Swiss-made notebook, p4 3.33 Ghz, 1Gb Ram ...
apps:: cubase, ableton, fruityloops

(10 points, because nothing was wrong)


Installation done without any worries, I downloaded the latest updates on the website of E-mu (2 versions, they recommend to install the 2 one after the other) ... it would have been cool a fresh pack that does not require three facilities .. but good.
no problem, everything goes all right.

config PatchMix requires some reflection and qq tests, it works very well .. Then you should see the use you want.
I have not really been around ... I stopped where it has suited my needs.
otherwise it's well done .. No complaints, in my opinion is all.

I can not say much about the manual, I almost never touch a manual except when I'm looking for sth precise where I fish.
in this case I shall refer to the qq I once found live .. so I argued that it is well done

(9 because the driver with the most recent installation I would have appreciated a)


Drivers super stable ... used for up to four performances today and in the studio ... I collect a crash had anything of a sound card.

Updated drivers often? no idea ... with the latter never had a problem, so no need to change I would say.
This proves the seriousness of the stuff ... fed up of products on the market that run halfway.

Software: Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio

Latency: hmm, I know how some of you are doing to work with latencies of 2 - 4 to 6 ms ... I never managed to have such performance to work normally. I have a RME Multiface 2 and it parreil.
ok, I can put a much lower latency like this, but my cpu (although on my main machine, an AMD dualcore, 2gb ram ...)
made huge leaps and that the project becomes a bit heavy it becomes difficult to hold.
So, I put pretty high latency in general .. (20-30 ms) to reduce the cpu .. and all is well. I say not play the MIDI keyboard, so I do not really care.
I also read a lot on this subject that the speed of hard drives had a role important enough to have a very low latency ... (My records are not taken .. basics of adaptive equipment)

simultaneous recording .. hmm, I just do the 1x stereo ... I am the only electronic prod ... not need to record lots of tracks at a time.
but the frequency that I use in reading: a stereo track as input to implement a hardware synthesizer fx + 3 tracks stereo output .. while the simultaneous .. no problem .. ca turns ... (I recall relatively high latency)

(8 because of the latency ... but hey, I guess that the bike is more than the card itself)


Bought it about a month ago.

the most: just use the dsp with the firewire card, no need to connect any module if you want a fun time with the headset for example, or connect to a system via the audio mini-jack adapter pcmcia .
the dsp fx are not bad at all, the plug is solid .. What good stuff.
quality of its superb .. tested on large soundsystems.

month: not much, except that .. As already mentioned often ... The connecting cable is too short.
connectivity noon is not the best taste, it is a plugger adapter 9-pin / midi .. another gadget in addition to a tote.

Before that I tried in several years: Emagic emi 2 / 6, M-Audio Audiophile USB (forget sound cards usb1 is zero), esi quatafire 610 ... it's going well until it makes me worry for the stability of the drivers.
in fact, with the old drivers worked nickel ca .. I then installed two new version of the glitch that made me intermittently ... I saw the live and it's my job. . . I could not afford that kind of chance ...
So I decided to pay the price for the stuff that holds the road every time.

value for price parrait me very well ... I do sound for 5 years now, before I bought something cheap easy because I needed .. without really worrying about the quality ... it's over that time .. Moreover, in the end you save to pay more and buy directly which is several years.

certainty of having made an excellent choice

G.jourdain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 1616M
I had before the m-audio 410.
often bug.
I changed for embedded DSP and the quality of the converters.
I use it with acid and some pro vsti.


Installing RAS
update drivers RAS


Remarkable stability.
the effects are interressants.
the preamp good bill
6 ms latency. it suits me.

I have on my other stations of creamware and rm.

it is as stable and dynamic in terms identical.


I use this card for 6 months
there's no ... it is ... bravo emu.la converted is successful.

Note 10 in respect of the price.