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Peavey Mark user reviews

  • Peavey Bass 400BH

    Peavey Bass 400BH - "Peavey Mark IV"


    Im a multi-instrumentalist, I play bass, guitar, drums and some piano. I've been in many bands, playing many different genres of music. And i've also done a fair bit of producing I bought this head used for $250 Canadian. At Colossimos music in Thun…

  • Peavey Bass

    Peavey Bass - "Peavey Mark III Bass"


    Bought this on eBay. I had a Peavey combo many moons ago and loved it - tougher than heck and sounded excellent. Paid $142.00 and that included shipping! The POWER and the sound! This head is absolutely something else. It could make Mr. Greenjeans s…

  • Peavey mark VI Bass

    Peavey mark VI Bass - " Strong, powerful, versatile."


    This is a Peavey 90's, so Made in USA, very heavy, very solid. transistor, 250W into 4 ohms and 400W into 2 Ohms two volumes, input low / high, push bright, push boost, severe acute and active 9-band graphic equalizer chorus (frequen…

  • Peavey mark VI Bass

    Peavey mark VI Bass - " indestructible"


    transistors has 250W into 4 ohms and 400W into 2 ohms, made in United States UTILIZATION config not super simple but very quickly you get the sound research through a very powerful equalizer SOUNDS fairly neutral but still typical rock, I plu…