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Peavey PR user reviews

  • Peavey PR 15D

    Peavey PR 15D - "Not so good in a larger space"


    The Peavey PR 15D is a 15 inch powered PA speaker. This is a D class speaker that has 200 watts of overall power. The sound is decent in a larger space but it is best in smaller venues even though it is a 15 inch. That is what confused me the most ab…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - moosers's review


    The Peavey PR12 Passive's are a set of personal address (PA) speakers for your live show set up. A club/bar that I recently played at had a pair of these to use for bands. These are 12" speakers and feature a 2 way system that will require external…

  • Peavey PR 15

    Peavey PR 15 - "Peavey PR15"


    I purchased my PR15s from a local music store for about $400 (for the pair) because the price was right and the employee I was talking to said they were very nice. These PR15s are awesome! They can handle anything you can throw at them. The highs ar…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - deums's review


    compact speaker 125 watt RMS into 8 ohms. cutoff at 1400 Hz, with filter protection acute bulb. not bad sound a little color in these fairly low (bump) with an acute and precise not properly garish. dispersion due to the rather close molded p…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - deums's review


    compact speaker 125 watts RMS into 8 ohms. 1400 Hz cutoff, filter protection Acute bulb. not bad sonority some color in low enough prsentes (bump) with a properly acute prcis not garish. dispersion rather prvue for the rapprochbr /> molded plas…

  • Peavey PR 10P

    Peavey PR 10P - alex7995's review


    For how long have you been using it? Last day What thing do you like most/least about it? J likes his style, with DDT amplification (by the way is AWESOME! Sa) bi amp. The size of the enclosure. Combo input XLR / JACK qualitée and sound is r…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - stladrill's review


    To be honest, when I bought her pregnant (he did three years) my small budget and silent as I read of the old school, in my head knows the speaker made of wood,,, good for all all who did not risk anything ... j'tait tank by reading the SPECIFICAT…