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Peavey Tour news

  • Peavey Headliner Head

    Peavey Headliner Head

    12/19/11 in Peavey Headliner 600 Head

    The Peavey Headliner is a new rack-mountable bass amplifier head with matching enclosures in the Peavey Tour Series in a 10 lb. package.

  • Peavey TNT & TKO 115 Available

    Peavey TNT & TKO 115 Available

    08/25/11 in Peavey Tour TNT 115

    The latest evolution of the Peavey TNT 115 and TKO 115 amps are now available from Peavey dealers.

  • [NAMM] Peavey Headliner Enclosures

    [NAMM] Peavey Headliner Enclosures

    01/15/10 in Peavey Headliner 410

    The Peavey Headliner bass enclosure line launches with the Headliner 410, Headliner 210 and Headliner 115, a trio of cabinets.

  • [NAMM] Peavey Tour VB-2

    [NAMM] Peavey Tour VB-2

    01/21/08 in Peavey Tour VB-2

    Peavey proudly that it is shipping the VB-2, a new Tour™ Series bass amplifier head with all-tube preamp and power sections and active EQ with multi-frequency mid adjustment.