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Peavey Tour user reviews

  • Peavey Tour 700

    Peavey Tour 700 - " I did not think it existed. PERFECT!"


    Transistor amp for the 700w ... I think the connection is rich and varied, dual output, enough to put a tuner etc ... there is a serious and acute knob and an equalizer. there is even a sort of octave, which doubles the sound one octave lower. This i…

  • Peavey Tour VB-2

    Peavey Tour VB-2 - " Perfect!"


    All amp tubes!! Few manufacturers make. 225W: it seems little, but enough to make small scenes. 2,4 or 8 ohms adjustable: it is convenient because it is not limited in the choice of cabinet. Integrated DI (but I use my BSS AR 133) A "bright" …

  • Peavey Tour 450

    Peavey Tour 450 - " does its job"


    Any transistor amplifier 300W / 8 ohms and 450/4 ohms Input gain, 2 inputs active / passive, outline (which will widen the mediums), bass knob, EQ graphic debrayable, knob of acute limiter debrayable and octaver debrayable also. UTILIZATION Plu…

  • Peavey Tour 450

    Peavey Tour 450 - Nesseria's review


    All transistor seems he, if this is not the case it sounds like this anyway. The nickname is a 450-watt soft ... For specifications, see the previous post. UTILIZATION I write this review to warn young people who would buy this head. I use…

  • Peavey Tour 450

    Peavey Tour 450 - Pseud00's review


    Transistor-amplifier 450 watts into 4 ohms, Two low-gain input jack and high gain. - Control the volume of input and output, graphic equalizer (9 bands) switchable. Allowing the control knob. - Control of the contour as well. - Planting of th…

  • Peavey Tour 700

    Peavey Tour 700 - joe cool's review


    Amp transisitor 700 watts into 4 Ohms and 500 (not 350?) 8 Ohms Front: 2 input jacks (high / low). On the back: 2 Speakon speaker outputs, 1 XLR, 1 loop effect (send-return), 1 input jack (low). Input + output volume, volume "Contour" (dig th…