Peavey Tour 450
Peavey Tour 450

Tour 450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Tour series.

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Pseud00 06/24/2009

Peavey Tour 450 : Pseud00's user review


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Transistor-amplifier 450 watts into 4 ohms,
Two low-gain input jack and high gain.
- Control the volume of input and output, graphic equalizer (9 bands) switchable. Allowing the control knob.
- Control of the contour as well.
- Planting of the amp by an XLR
-Possibility to plug the amp has two speakers.


To tell you the truth, this head is really easy to use, you turn you turn the input volume and hop out and it was sound. deriere knobs are adjusted according to his desires (the low, medium and high) and presto, the beast turns and sends a well rounded, with acute claquands, accurate too.
The fact that we can switch the equializer chart is a good thing for me. It allows young bass player who does not know them too many knobs to turn three and not to a bizarre design with nine sticks to accentuate the treble and bass. The good sound is primarily a matter of taste.
There is no problem power level, I spend over two and mesaboogie (Dual F-50 and ground) and a drummer who likes to tap his tomes and cymbals, with the knob only half aa .


What is good with peavey is that it can not be disappointed: the value for money is EXCELLENT, and the sound is by turning a knob, we move from a round one has a slightly fatter. I play blues, rock, heavey metal with, and everything passes. I have in my Possession a Jazz bass and precision. It's going very well. I will admit that this amp marries well with a super low active and micro EMG.
Yet there is an effect that does not serve me much on this head:
Cosmos is a genus of octaves rather successful but I never use.


I have this amp now for a year.
What I like most about the head, this facility has a good sound and quick and value for money remains one of the best on the market at the level of heads.
Before aquérir this head, I went through markbass, Gallien Krueger and so the best is this one that I type in the eye.
With experience yes, although I think if I had a bigger budget, I would have gone to the more typical (Ampeg SVT CL for example).