Peavey Tour 450
Peavey Tour 450

Tour 450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Tour series.

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Nesseria 11/25/2009

Peavey Tour 450 : Nesseria's user review


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All transistor seems he, if this is not the case it sounds like this anyway.
The nickname is a 450-watt soft ...
For specifications, see the previous post.


I write this review to warn young people who would buy this head.

I use this head in a rehearsal room, it is clear that this is a bad product.

Many functions perfectly useless, the peak being the ridiculous "Kosmos B" and totally missed the effect unidentifiable.

Getting a "good sound" will remain a fairly futile quest ...


I use (I suffered) the head with a 4x10 of the same brand and a stingray in a rehearsal room: the dynamics is conspicuously absent, the head produces mainly low slobbering and bassist irritability ...

Little power to what is announced, no definition, functions ridiculous like this Kosmos B (and I forgot what "DDT", which is not an insecticide but a sort of limiter) ...

We can at most be a full sound for the game of infra-fingered ... Maybe.


This head is bad, for a low budjet rather adopt a Hartke HA3500. In the same range of products is far more honest.
Forget the Peavey Tour 450 if you want a head with a minimum of dynamics and precision.
"Tower", a beautiful irony ...