Peavey Tour 450
Peavey Tour 450

Tour 450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Tour series.

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leduke67 09/03/2012

Peavey Tour 450 : leduke67's user review

«  does its job »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Any transistor amplifier 300W / 8 ohms and 450/4 ohms
Input gain, 2 inputs active / passive, outline (which will widen the mediums), bass knob, EQ graphic debrayable, knob of acute limiter debrayable and octaver debrayable also.


Plug & play configuration, plug and sounds already
Alone acting on the contour, we come to find their sound. For the perfectionists remains equalize graphic is very good work.
The power is ample on stage outside as inside, we can compare the model Hartke ha 3500.


Amp very versatile, equally effective in hard rock, reggae, funk sounds very roots as the percussive slaps are easily accessible.
The jazz bass sounds jazz bass, musicman musicman sounds, so what more has an amp!
The Octave is a dose not more than 1/4 s race to avoid having strange things, if it works not bad


Purchased earlier this year, he did what I asked without blinking, it is a good value, I had the hartke ha 3500 which looks at configuration, and pretty much the 2 are comparable.