Peavey Tour 700
Peavey Tour 700

Tour 700, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Tour series.

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Pat.Rick 01/28/2014

Peavey Tour 700 : Pat.Rick's user review

«  I did not think it existed. PERFECT! »

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Transistor amp for the 700w ... I think the connection is rich and varied, dual output, enough to put a tuner etc ... there is a serious and acute knob and an equalizer. there is even a sort of octave, which doubles the sound one octave lower. This is mimi, but very gadget that not working (tested with 6cordes, I royally mad).
Gray color design is what I preferred (ie personal) and that's good lol


This is the first time I see ca. No need to grind the equa. The sound is perfect, just the button with serious and acute. have not need the manual, and if not well ... I did not consult view that I did not need. In short, have no need to look for anything at the sound is there.
I tested it with an Ibanez SDGR 506 with EMG 45DC pickup and EMG system EQBs. The amp connected to my Hartke 210XL pregnant 8Ohms in some model shop to finish with a Peavey column, and a JBL sub 4ohms. CA plays as it should, always clean and accurate bass ample farm. Acute are still a bit ... history quibble a bit.
In short it is the sound that is we can not touch a equa, although it works very well and make the correction desired, I grope for a max time to return the same result: there has to disable the equa have not needed.


My style of music is oriented versatility, and this amp is perfect everywhere. Can get all the desired sound have, the sound is right, and damn good coffee. After you have to try to understand. Not need fucking lamps (according to some reviews rocker here and there on the web). Jazzman, I see things in a radically angle of a rocker, and there were grave agreement.
I play with a Yamaha TRB6P II, A Ibanez SDGR 506, an Ibanez SDGR 800. I also use a low-against Electric.


The value for money is explosive, I try tons of amp always quibble, find something about right, but hey, an almost perfect setting, but ... there is good. _

I have not yet, but I will replace my Harkte HA3500 soon by around 700. No other amp does not want me. not even a MarkBass.