Peavey Tour 700
Peavey Tour 700

Tour 700, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Tour series.

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joe cool 03/29/2009

Peavey Tour 700 : joe cool's user review


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Amp transisitor
700 watts into 4 Ohms and 500 (not 350?) 8 Ohms
Front: 2 input jacks (high / low).
On the back: 2 Speakon speaker outputs, 1 XLR, 1 loop effect (send-return), 1 input jack (low).
Input + output volume, volume "Contour" (dig the midrange), key "Bright" button "Mute", 2 pots & severe acute, 9-band equalizer (with key in / off), key speaker protection detachable playing the role of compressor overload noise, 1 Octave effect.
Cooling fan.


Simple. This gives a good sound very quickly, using only two pots serious and acute, but little refinement and boost the sound by switching the equalizer turns out to be very effective. I do not use the button "bright" which adds quite aggressive treble. In contrast, Knob contour is very effective for digging mediums; excellent for slapeurs.
This amp also has an effect octaver makes his job quite well by adding an octave below the note played. Interesting if they have the foot control (optional) to enable or disable this effect.
In general, the sound delivered by this head is fairly round and warm, somewhat in the spirit of an Ampeg (I said in mind ...). Highs are correct, but not this side hi-fi at home or SWR EBS. The sound of my bass is well respected.
And finally, I would say that this amp is VERY powerful. Really. I recommend it to play in big rooms or outdoors. For a small room (coffee, club ...), there is too much!


I play jazz, blues and pop, and it is in the last 2 genres he assures. The sound is really good ... Rock! And yet, I plug in 2 speakers Trace Elliot 2X10 "+ 1X 15" -. Before, I used a head Trace Elliot RAH 250SMX. With Peavey, the sound has nothing to do. It's more powerful, more rounded, warmer, while staying clear and very open. It does not blur as with some less powerful amps, when you push the bass out a sound "muddy". I was even asked once how many lights he Y'avait in this amp!
I play on different brand of bass (Fender, Alembic, Musicman ,...), and all sound like they should sound when plugged into this head. Which is rather reassuring. Even my bass found there.
So it's all good, but I repeat, do not look super fine treble. The amp can provide sufficient but not the ultimate. Peavey is what.


I am very satisfied with this amp. The price / quality ratio is unbeatable for a head delivering as much power. And it's tough.
The only (small) detail that I regret with this amp is the lack of VU meter or LED indicating the level of the input signal (as is the case with Trace Elliot or Ashdown), which helps how far the receiver can collect the gain low. But it really is not prohibitive.
I would do so this election if necessary.