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Peavey Wolfgang user reviews

  • Peavey Wolfgang Humbucker

    Peavey Wolfgang Humbucker - "Brown sound"


    Everyone knows who EVH is. Everyone who has turned on the radio in the past 30 years has heard his tone on the radio. He is famous for his Brown Sound tone. Which he has gotten throughout the years with various pieces of gear. He is most famously kno…

  • Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP

    Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP - "Peavey Wolfgang Special QT"


    Academy of Sound, Preston, £399. Well, that was the listed price, but I part-exchanged Strat for it. It was a toss-up between this, and another Les Paul. But this won due to the price, originality, sounds, and EVH. Let's see. It'd be quicker to …

  • Peavey Wolfgang Special

    Peavey Wolfgang Special - " Excellent"


    Korean guitar 22 frets, bridge locking Floyd Peavey under license + D-tuner, volume knob. Channel and comfortable touch Simple and unadorned I find it too good UTILIZATION nikel !!! except inverted from a les paul for the rest switch is…

  • Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP

    Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP - Fab Le Noots :evil:'s review


    Guitar Coren, but with a violin really poustouflante for the price! 22 frets, locking bridge Peavey licensed Floyd + D-tuner, a volume knob. Trs comfortable handle and key Simple and unadorned, 9 it is because I would have AIM comes with a flig…

  • Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP

    Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP - drprouniak's review


    This guitar is made in Korea, the body has a beautiful flamed maple top painted a binding, the handle is birdseye maple with a touch of maple, has 21 frets, the head is short. mechanics are divided into 2x3. the guitar has two humbucker. a single vol…