Peavey Wolfgang Humbucker
Peavey Wolfgang Humbucker

Wolfgang Humbucker, Humbucker guitar pickup from Peavey in the Wolfgang series.

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tjon901 07/29/2011

Peavey Wolfgang Humbucker : tjon901's user review

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Everyone knows who EVH is. Everyone who has turned on the radio in the past 30 years has heard his tone on the radio. He is famous for his Brown Sound tone. Which he has gotten throughout the years with various pieces of gear. He is most famously known for his frankenstein guitar which was a homebuilt strat style guitar with a Floyd Rose and a PAF humbucker in the bridge. More recently EVH played Peavy guitars of his own design. Now EVH has his own brand of guitars called EVH. This company is a subsidiary of Fender guitars. These guitars are almost identical to the Peavy versions of the Wolfgang guitars. All of these guitars came with pickups of his own design. A Key part of the EVH sound is a distinct humbucker with punchy mids. The Wolfgang is the pickup for that. The pickups has a very old school feel. It is not super tight like some modern metal pickups. It has a good amount of sag to it. It has great mids which are important for any guitar sound. The mids on this pickup have a very vowel like quality. They are not honky but they kind of have a sour sound to it, but not in a bad way. Its like you have a very subtle wah switched on. The Wolfgang has great response. It really responds to if you are picking hard or soft. These pickups work well in just about any kind of wood. Most of the EVH guitars nowadays are basswood so you need a good pickup no matter what in that kind of guitar. If a pickup can make a basswood guitar sound good it can make just about anything sound good. If you are looking to complete your own Brown Sound you surely cant miss out on a key item like EVH's own pickups from the Wolfgang guitar.