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Peavey Supreme user reviews

  • Peavey Supreme XL Head

    Peavey Supreme XL Head - "Peavey Supreme XL Head and Cab"


    I bought this from Musician's Friend in September, 2003. The total was about $1800 for both units. I bought two exact units on the same day, upon the recommendation of my guitar tech. One for practice and one for stage use, occasionally I run them st…

  • Peavey Supreme XL Head

    Peavey Supreme XL Head - monsieurZ's review


    See website builder ... In any case it is complete and sufficient ... Finishes and sound are exemplary ... UTILIZATION Setup is super simple ... not hard to quickly find a styled her for her to zik ... SOUNDS Super! I tried the RG50T (lam…

  • Peavey Supreme XL Head

    Peavey Supreme XL Head - Genghis Khan's review


    Transistor amp head, blah, 100W, blablabla ...;-) a clear channel, a saturated and of course the knobs for each low, medium and high ... one mic, one for passive and active microwave, a (beautiful) reverb boards. Bonus (Wow!) Into a front for an …

  • Peavey Supreme 160 Head

    Peavey Supreme 160 Head - Shininggg's review


    160 watts transistor amplifier 2 channel (normal lead) and 2 inputs (high and low gain). The front we find a loop effect and found a rear preamp out, power amp a and in a plug for the foot control. It possde 2 between the front (high and low). Con…

  • Peavey Supreme XL Head

    Peavey Supreme XL Head - peaveyForever's review


    120 watt transistor amp very complete connectivity (with adjustable effects loop, preamp in and out ...) footswitch 3 adjustable in 3 adjustable clear, with distortion, noted the equa very active on the saturated efficiency power setting is pos…

  • Peavey Supreme XL Head

    Peavey Supreme XL Head - fredjules's review


    Transistor 100w Full many possible sounds (requires Transtube ...) 3 clean sounds, three distos UTILIZATION Config very simple, many possible sounds clear sound, crunch, big sound jcm, big sound .. mtal, anything is possible SOUNDS Ex…