Peavey Supreme 160 Head
Peavey Supreme 160 Head

Supreme 160 Head, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Supreme series.

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Shininggg 07/02/2006

Peavey Supreme 160 Head : Shininggg's user review


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160 watts transistor amplifier 2 channel (normal lead) and 2 inputs (high and low gain). The front we find a loop effect and found a rear preamp out, power amp a and in a plug for the foot control. It possde 2 between the front (high and low).

Construction is bttn and is not lying because the monster PSE BEYOND THE 55 lbs! That said I possde for several years and I pushed for hours on end, lugged across runs, abuse screed on the floor, struck ... not killed (by the way if anyone Arussi get through please let me know!)

The clean button possde a bright, clear sound that ...
The lead channel possde gain and volume. Then, for lovers of distortion, a gain knob that pushes it further. It is not enough? Well there is a button that when pressed shift pushes even further the gain and filters frquences the environment.

The two channels possdent a three band eq and clean possde plus a button that adjusts the prsence.

So it is a pure receiver, no toy, no flafla just amplification!


The config is simple and takes about 1 minutes (time to turn all the knobs at least once!). The manual is therefore a simple REFERENCE trs and can serve to type mosquitoes.


We realize quickly that the TRS is not all clean break. I would not say bad, but ... normal.Le rather bright little button is held down is imperative if we feel s'tre ripped off!

The fun begins when an excursion on the channel distortion. low volume there is something very beautiful saturated distortion. The advantage is that the gain has no limits, we can easily obtain the gain of a marshall in enfonant button and turning the gain knob to 7 or 8. For those who want more, you can even press the Shift to have more power.

high level, is a war machine! In my life I have never seen an amp with as much power and volume! ever! For those who want an IDE has a dversement like tons of bricks in a day care for children, filled with pots and cymbals. Srieusement, a specially enough exprience! I think my first words were ts: "TOTAL DESTRUCTION!"

With the right fit, sound strangely like the record "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera. So if you want to see what looks like a cost the record company should give you an ide.


In short if you want to play something hard is it for you. Otherwise amateur refrain Shania Twain ...

The amp is still same ag and should be difficult to find, but if you want the pater galleries with a new sound and brutal and you find a copy, Do not hesitate.

Cot dfectuosit quality and the word really indestructible I saw several of my machines make me survive and yet this amp ... Believe that there is a "mini Zakk Wylde" the indoor refuses to die!

I would do without hsiter choice since I have this amp that I had a wonderful ractions from my recordings.