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Lehle Pedals/Controllers user reviews

  • Lehle Dual

    Lehle Dual - "Best ABY pedal made"


    - Optical switching - Gold plated relays - small pots to add gain to one or both of the line outs - huge buttons - super bright LEDs - can be powered by any external power source from 8 to 20 volts - it's like a brick, heavy and solid One o…

Translated user reviews
  • Lehle Little Lehle II

    Lehle Little Lehle II - diquoi's review


    I did not test it on the other foot types, but I was curious about this brand and their switch mushrooms I have the past month, I have no ue too long to serve me this pedal in the configuration that motivate my purchase. dimensions to fall, 90mm…

  • Lehle D.Loop SGoS

    Lehle D.Loop SGoS - " It is exactly what he ad"


    I uitilise month. I used before DUAL LOOP HUGE. The big plus is the afternoon. No need to buy a special cable. We can do it yourself with basic midi cable from the manual. The booster is surprising clarity. This is a sound alone! …

  • Lehle 1at3 SGoS

    Lehle 1at3 SGoS - Qill's review


    True Bypass pedal swich for a guitar amp input and three outputs, 9V power supply required It has a switch to ground loops, an input for a stereo jack for MIDI controls and an extra entry if you want to do an effects loop Contrary to what one mig…

  • Lehle Dual

    Lehle Dual - " A perfect ABY Box"


    Dual is a ABY box that allows you to split the signal to play on 2 amps at the same time and even to a tuner. Each of the two outputs (except tuner) has its independent volume control, which adjusts the intensity of the signal sent to one or other of…

  • Lehle Little Dual

    Lehle Little Dual - " Perfect!"


    How long have you been using? I use it since January, which is + / - 40 rehearsals avec.Je uses two lamps 100w heads, a Soldano SLO and Steavens Poundcake. Did you try many other models before buying it? No, no, because on paper the machine…

  • Lehle Parallel M

    Lehle Parallel M - " it is there??"


    I use it for 1 year. I have not tried other models. I relied on the technical characteristics (true bypass ...) and notices everywhere. Well, this is stupid. It returns a signal IN, and depending on whether the pedal is engaged or not, the signal …

  • Lehle Little Lehle II

    Lehle Little Lehle II - " A true "true bypass""


    How long you use it? Few repetitions. What is so special that you love the most, least? The +: The overall quality of the pedal The -: The original application screen slightly used ... And the manual in German and English on a single sheet. T…

  • Lehle Dual SGoS

    Lehle Dual SGoS - " excellent"


    I bought this pedal to be able to switch between my amp and my only amp + amp singer's guitarist when he does not play guitar on some tracks, eliminating the effect of loss of dynamic live. Many pedals can switch between two amps, this is the case of…

  • Lehle P-Split

    Lehle P-Split - mutanzero's review


    Information sute or I bought it Lehle P-Split II Passive Splitter With Simultaneous Routing of one instrument onto Two Amps, Output A is separated by Galvanic High End Output Transformer LTHZ from B - Humming are impossible. The IS LTHZ Cre…