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xxmartinxx 08/03/2011

Lehle Dual : xxmartinxx's user review

« Best ABY pedal made »

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- Optical switching
- Gold plated relays
- small pots to add gain to one or both of the line outs
- huge buttons
- super bright LEDs
- can be powered by any external power source from 8 to 20 volts
- it's like a brick, heavy and solid

One of the major benefits of this ABY over other high end (like the Framptone Amp Switcher, Divided By 13 Switchazel, Radial Tonebone Switchbone etc) is how the switching works. In most ABY pedals once you’re in Y mode you need to be aware of if you were in A or B mode on entering. With the Lehle, A and B have separate switches, not a toggle, so you can choose which you return to out of Y mode. It allows for a little less tap dancing and forethought, which is nice.

There are other ABY pedals with more functionality (like the Switchazel and Tonebone, for example), but I prefer this pedal due to the simplicity and functionality of the switching. There is also something gratifying about stepping on these large switches.

This is completely silent and transparent, unlike cheap ABY boxes. Grounding hum should never be an issue due to the circuit construction.

I have owned three of these over the years. Any time I find myself wanting an ABY box, I pick one up. I have tried others and always return to the Lehle. This model has since been replaced with the SGoS model. I am sure that model works just as flawlessly as this pedal. The only thing I don't like is that you need to run an external power source. Since it operates at 9 volts, I wish you could run it off a battery. For most people will pedal boards, this wouldn't be a problem. If you are just running one or two pedals like me and don’t have a pedal board, it's a tad annoying. A small price to pay.