Mission Engineering 529i Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply
Mission Engineering 529i Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply

529i Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply, Pedalboard / PedalCase from Mission Engineering.

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MGR/Brian Johnston 12/25/2019

Mission Engineering 529i Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply : MGR/Brian Johnston's user review

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
  • The 529i is a 12v 2000mA power supply (power cable included) for pedalboard use with 6x300mA channels and 2x500mA channels; it can be used plugged in or independent.
    An independent power source means you can sit anywhere, e.g., park or under a tree, with a few pedals and headphones with the 529i and practice or compose.
    The 529i solves a few stage issues, such as being unable to find a power main/outlet for a pedal board and avoiding hum or noise/interference when having to run long power cables (particularly alongside audio cables).
    Includes various plug end attachments to accommodate power/wall outlets in North America, Europe, Australia and the UK.
    Includes a USB cable (to charge or operate pedals) for computer hookup, 8 power cables (2.1mm negative center and 24-inches long) to run from the unit to your pedals and a Y-cable (that doubles the voltage if operating an 18v pedal).
    Fully charges in about two-hours; also charges while operating pedals. If operating and/or charging and running pedals via the USB cable the pedals need to be of low mA draw (150mA or less).
    When fully loaded (all 300mA and 500mA channels taken to capacity), the 529i has a 2-hour life of the battery. With the 529i fully charged I could run eight pedals for 4-hours, with all eight drawing under 200mA. And when I operated a 200mA 18v pedal (cab IR) with a 3mA fuzz pedal (using up three channels), the charge lasted more than 6.5 hours.
    The 529i also has a USB out so that you can charge phones, tablets and other compatible USB devices (USB A type cable required)


The 529i offers a lot, and likely the biggest drawback could be if you require an unplugged independent power source, you have maxed out the 300mA and 500mA channels and you need more than 2 hours charge. However, most pedalboard are not filled with 300mA and 500mA pedals and you likely will have more than enough juice for a 3-4 hour gig. A second (minor) limitation is that although the 8 power cables are 2-feet long each (a good length to reach just about anywhere on a good sized pedalboard), the Y-cable is only 11-inches, which means getting an 18-v pedal close to the 529i to make connection.

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