Pioneer Audio & music gear
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Pioneer Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Pioneer XDJ-RX

    Pioneer XDJ-RX - "A great device close to a pro system - Highly recommendable"


    As a semi pro DJ, I use this XDJ RX daily for training. I’ve only had it for a few days, but this was enough to conquer me. I have tried none of its competitors so far. (I mean, no standalone device!! Only Denon and Stanton offer equivalent pr…

  • Pioneer XDJ-1000

    Pioneer XDJ-1000 - "A less expansive CDJ2000 :)"


    Everytime market leader Pioneer releases a DJ player, we’re back into the same endless debates going back and forth... Well, I won’t feed that trend and try to give you my opinion, as neutral as possible :) A DJ for the last 15 years, I’ve used ma…

  • Pioneer DDJ-SX2

    Pioneer DDJ-SX2 - "Great for mobile DJs (easy to transport)"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? For small performances and home use. How long have you been using it? I've owned the SX1 starting June 2014, then the SX2 since February '15 Have you tested other comparab…

  • Pioneer XDJ-R1

    Pioneer XDJ-R1 - "The Thought was there but Pioneer Missed the Point"


    Other Models i have the DDJ ERGO / XDJ AERO / DDJ T1 / X3 XDJ PIONEER R1'S Pioneer cannot explain the sudden freezing with a high pitched noise on the R1s, and its not just certain units, its a design fault, 2 of the R1's brand new out of the box …

  • Pioneer DJM-500

    Pioneer DJM-500 - "Very good mixer!"


    Yes, it can be rack-mounted, with the mod. RCA, 1/4" jack and XLR connectors 4 channels, very practical The EQ is all right. It was more than enough back then and even today. Nice but limited effects section (although it's more than enoug…

  • Pioneer DJM-700-K

    Pioneer DJM-700-K - "Used it with vinyl and CDJ platters"


    The DJM 700 K from Pioneer has effects built right into it like the phaser, flanger or crush effects and there are also 4 different patterns for sampling like the pitch up, pitch down, reverse and roll. I was very happy to use these effects because I…

  • Pioneer DVJ-1000

    Pioneer DVJ-1000 - "Video and Audio mixing"


    The Pioneer DVJ-1000 is a turntable console that has a high price tag on it. But it is well worth the money spent. I have used for about 6 sets so far and I love how easy it is to use and even more importantly it is reliable. Using this unit to cre…

  • Pioneer DDJ-S1

    Pioneer DDJ-S1 - "With ITCH only"


    The Pioneer DDJ-S1 is a controller for Serato and basically on for Serato. I am not sure if it is “officially” compatible with other software’s but I didn’t have good experiences when using it with other software programs like Virtual DJ (and a few o…

  • Pioneer CDJ-200

    Pioneer CDJ-200 - "audio quality and unique design, beauty" has images


    This player will remain an absolutely beautiful, quality audio over 800 CDJ series, the CDJ 100 and 1000 MK1. I opened everything and looked. Without the need for a jog too high, this unit is perfect for the audition, but .. like all CDJ's tempo as …

  • Pioneer HDJ-500

    Pioneer HDJ-500 - "Great for DJ'ing and Listening"


    The Pioneer DJ HDJ 500 K headphones are a pair of closed back DJ headphones that have a 40 mm magnet driver and removable cable. These headphones are very affordable and that is probably the only reason I chose to give them a shot. Costing only 100 d…