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Digidesign Pitch Shifters / Time Stretchers user reviews

  • Digidesign DigiRack Pitch Shift

    Digidesign DigiRack Pitch Shift - moosers's review


    Digidesign's DigiRack Pitch Shift is one of the Audio Suite plug-ins that is included with Pro Tools and has been for a number of versions now. These DigiRack plugs are designed for the DAW user that might not have any plug-ins to begin with. You d…

  • Digidesign DigiRack Time Compression/Expansion

    Digidesign DigiRack Time Compression/Expansion - moosers's review


    Digidesign's DigiRack Time Compression/Expansion is a stock plug-in that comes free with Pro Tools LE and HD. I've run it both in Pro Tools 7 and 8, and I'm not sure if it comes with earlier versions, but it most likely does. You don't need to do a…

  • Digidesign AIR Frequency Shifter

    Digidesign AIR Frequency Shifter - moosers's review


    Digidesign's AIR (Advanced Instrument Research) Frequency Shifter is a simple pitch shifting plug-in that comes free with Pro Tools 8. It can't be purchased outside of a Pro Tools 8 upgrade or purchase, so if you've got Pro Tools 8, it should alread…