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  • The Living Colour guitarist on film scoring, DAWs, amp simulators and more

    The Living Colour guitarist on film scoring, DAWs, amp … - Vernon Reid Talks Tech


    When you hear the name Vernon Reid, your first thought is probably of his work with Living Colour, featuring his speedy and inventive guitar playing. But Reid is also an accomplished composer, scoring for films and TV, and he enjoys talking about gear and technology. Audiofanzine recently had a chance to chat with Reid about those subjects and mor…

  • Ableton Live 8: The Test

    Ableton Live 8: The Test - Live 8: Long Live Ableton


    Ableton's Live has been with us for some time now and since it’s initial release in 2001 it has proudly sported a simple one window interface and transparent ’no frills’ operation. This simplicity initially led some producers and musicians to believe it was perhaps a step down from other more complex DAWs, but seven years down the line Live h…