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Pocket cams user reviews

  • Kodak Zi8

    Kodak Zi8 - "Great device!"


    Had to take a second look because did not expect to see this on this site since it had been discontinued rather quickly after release. I actually firstly bought this to catch the thuglets that were vandalizing cars in carport, bought a small tripod,…

  • Kodak Zi8

    Kodak Zi8 - "Great Budget Camera (Flip Ultra HD Rival)"


    The Kodak Zi8 is a great camera for semi pro to pro recording projects. I claim pro simply because if you have this camera in the hands of a professional in the correct environment blocking his or her shots correctly then you won't be able to tell th…

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - "Great recorder"


    Q3HD is smaller in person than I expected. Much like the Korg MicroX orange case looks a lot bigger once you have it sitting on your table for the first time. This ZOOM little wonder is pretty much like the TARDIS: it's got a lot more talent packed i…

  • Kodak Zi8

    Kodak Zi8 - "Great little recorder."


    The Kodak Zi8 is a must have pocket camcorder in full HD. It can record in 1080p full HD at 30 frames per second. Or you can record in 720p at 60 frames a second. I prefer using the 720p at 60 frames a second because it’s a smoother picture and if yo…

Translated user reviews
  • Zoom Q4

    Zoom Q4 - " ZOOM sound, video 1st prize."


    I use it for one week I was very attracted to the pub made around Q4 knowing the ZOOM H4 stereo I trusted in her, and I'm not disappointed. However the characteristics of the image, type hd 1080 720 ... trust me on set but what do you except that…

  • Zoom Q2HD

    Zoom Q2HD - " Too light pickups ..."


    Well, I tested the Q2HD on his part, that is the main reason why I bought it. The breath is enough in this way volume: I'm pretty disappointed about that. on the other hand on the bottom, despite disabling the low-cut, the bass are not present. …

  • Olympus LS-20M

    Olympus LS-20M - " great except ..."


    Except ... this unit has two features that are for me defects. First, check "Automatic" sound is not automatic since it does not have the limiting effect (only with manual recording!?). Save a group "automatic" in a small room, even after adjusting t…

  • Olympus LS-20M

    Olympus LS-20M - " very well"


    excellent, I enregsitre ca concerts and the sound is impeccable, the image quality is great too, but it is not for zommer too far anyway. compare the Zoom Q3 HD, everything is better, image etc its functionality. 5 stars for me …

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " Most and Least!"


    Cons: Objective unprotected / Rechargeable Batteries therefore low autonomy / Bonnette ridiculous and outdoor ineficace Pros: excellent / Image Quality / Ease of Use / Size …

  • Zoom Q3HD

    Zoom Q3HD - " Great product!"


    Purchased primarily for: Sound: very good stereo, beautiful stunning clarity and vibrant! The level can be adjusted easily between modes HIGH / LOW / AUTO and format can either be saved in WAV or AAC compressed. The low cut allows a clearer record…