Zoom Q3HD
Zoom Q3HD

Q3HD, Pocket cam from Zoom in the Q series.

Erwile 06/28/2012

Zoom Q3HD : Erwile's user review

" Great product!"

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Purchased primarily for:

Sound: very good stereo, beautiful stunning clarity and vibrant! The level can be adjusted easily between modes HIGH / LOW / AUTO and format can either be saved in WAV or AAC compressed. The low cut allows a clearer recording and clean, as it reduces the bass and so much of the noise!

If you want a camera but you make fun of her, do not take the Q3HD Zoom: In the dark scene image sharpness is greatly bruised, there is no optical zoom, there is that digital zoom (it crops the image). But the image is of good quality when conditions are favorable!

Here's a test (compressed to give his power, and some acute accents):