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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 10 reviews )
 8 reviews80 %
 2 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Poor
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aude2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My best friend"

Tascam GT-R1
I use it for over a year. There is no equal in other brands now. I like everything except the limited palette of rhythms but you can put beats to mp3. Expensive but huge timesaver! Top quality product! If I break, I run into a purchase. The trainer we always dreamed that one day invents a box! Tascam thank you!

marclr17's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Very good trainer for guitar and bass, but ..."

Tascam GT-R1
Above all, what has used this thing? :

Basically, it is a trainer for guitarists and bass players to play songs and to register. We can play on an existing music (rcupre on the net mp3 for example (*), and sent on the GT-R1 USB or via the included 2GB SD card (not 1GB as we sometimes read)), but also on his own song, or add parts of pre-existing songs (a recording of his own group via the microphone ...).
One can also start from zero: for example, on the first pass, we can record percussion on the second, bass, and rhythm guitar, then a lead, a voice etc ... each time he maintains the old file and then creates a new one that will serve for the next overdub. In this, it is also a machine for song-writer itinrant. If a party does not fit, it deletes the last recorded song we leave the bottom layer and replays etc ...

(*): About fifty pieces rcuprs left right on the net, the Tascam knew ALL read, no problem codec frquence of sampling etc ...

It integrates 88 preset rhythm patterns, but beware, it's not a rhythm (misleading advertising) box is ultra-simplistic, one can rgler the tempo! You have to see these patterns as a metronome evolved: the beeps are replaced with rock rhythms, pop etc ... but no more. However, serves well as a base for create a new song the guitar rapido.

It has "55 multi-effects with rglables parameters, you can assign the signal between or recorded signal (pub foutage of mouth.) The main problem of this machine is here. In Actually, there are 55 sims amp guitar and bass played 5 times in the same five banks A E. These sims are very poor quality (a thread is open about it in the forum), and if we save the shot by ditant and paramtrant each his taste, which is much less worse, the problem is that you can not save them! Or more pr cisment, we can save one per bank (so 5 in all) because if we stay in a bank gives on this preset, it is sauv (even in changing banks), but soon as we change the preset INSIDE A BANK, one loses the mods made to the preset said ... Very strong ... So Tascam basically, if you ditables 5 presets enough, it's ok, otherwise you have to look for another model, and it is not obvious because there is little (no) competition for this product.

One can vary the playback tempo of a song without changing the tonality and it's very very handy! Perfect for dcortiquer fast riffs and play over a human speed etc ... ESSENTIAL!

You can also change the height, very convenient for piece of Mtal or the guitars are often dsaccordes a semitone: you do not touch the tuning of his own guitar ...

We can "attnuer guitar, bass and other sounds that contain existing songs." I test on 20 tracks, this stuff does not work at all, the sound that comes out is totally pourave, so we forget.

The loop function is a dream: you can loop the passage you want in a song, even a very very short transition, and entraner play along, c ' trsgnial is really useful and hyper!

These features make it an indispensable tool in learning the guitar: everything is perfect for his songs work, home or on the mobility situation (holidays, dplacement etc ...)

"It integrates a strophonique microphone with variable angle of registration" means the quality of the recordings via the built-mic is excellent, it is a joy. Perfect for the sound of a group repeats for example.

"A between external microphone, one between and one output line level" very convenient, saves an assignment table output, or dub samples the output of a DVD player etc. the quality ... is in between and output.

The headphone output is right, which is impractical, and the camera is a little large to fit in the pocket of the shirt, so not always practical for positioning.

"The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, user replaceable AC adapter is available as an option?" Autonomy is correct, but time flies when playing, and 220V charger is completely essential.

"Graphical LCD display, 128 x 64 pixel backlit light very readable and very practical, very well designed.
The wheel allows, via the bar display the current song Representative, to walk instantly throughout the other in one piece, gnial for learning.

Thomann bought new in October 2011 to 259 with blackjack cover, (275 with power supply) shipping included - used for 3 months - use of Pandora for 1 year before this model - I would resume this little Tascam if it has crashes.

pEJiPe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Tip top"

Tascam GT-R1
I have the GT-R1 for nearly two years. It was my first compact recorder.
I use it mainly to play bass on MP3 to record rehearsals for my group.

In a word, as in 100, it's just terrible in sound both reading and recording (it is rather stunning).
General handling is very simple even if I happened to have some unexpected crash (2 to 5 in 2 years).
The additional functions (including the tuner) is a plus.

Negative points for improvement:
- The headphone jack is too cheap to 3.5 (6.35 is still better).
- The volume of sound in headphone output can be a bit light in terms of the distribution volume MP3/instrument
- The line input jack stereo 3.5 is really outrageous!
I shudder every time I use it in console output to a concert such as transplant
- The included drum patterns are just useless. Why not set up loops with adjustable tempo? Sincerely quality indicates the level of the rest
- The effects of slowing / accelerating or hide the sound of the bass or guitar is fun but ... just fun. Unused short for me.

In the end I am very pleased with this tool because it does exactly what I expect of him.
This choice I would do without me asking.

pulvonium's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam GT-R1
I played nearly three years on its predecessor, the MP-BT1 (see my review)
This is the upgraded version: It records!
We can finally move again and work at home recorded songs.

- Recording quality
- Countless Options (multiple formats with various cuts Mp3, Wav, momo or stereo via the microphones through the outlet line, with or without overdubbing track played ...)
- Expandable memory (you can indeed change the memory card, which was not possible with the MP-BT1) You can also change the battery.
- It is both lower than guitar (before there were two separate products)

Small defects that require super user:
- It does not have the time ...
- The headphone jack on the side is not practical (it would have been better down as the MP-BT1)
- He has no side "robust" MP-BT1 who had a metal shell

But it's really saying something, I can not live without this gear.

fabfrouej's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Extra"

Tascam GT-R1
For how long have you been using it?

I use it for 1 year, to save the snooze, and the ideas of components.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
Do I like most is its recording quality, which is a low noise or high noise level, and of course when you connect the instrument to the jack.
Ultra-long battery.
-Instinctive, really easy to use. Much effect.
- Function 'overdub' that can record, for example coaching first, and then the melody on the same track. and maybe more.

only regret, but which I think is on many portable recorders is the lack of small speaker to listen to without connecting the speakers, recording. but it's really the only 'catch'.
Did you try many other models before getting this one?
I tried a Edirol R-O9HR who himself had a small speaker to hear the recording. but he did not overdub function.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
very good. I took over the power sector which is still indispensable.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
without any hesitation.


jul60's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" advice?"

Tascam GT-R1
Bateur in a rock formation (2Guit, Bass, Batt and vocals), we seek a working tool to save repet.
I play on an electronic drum - everything is taken on an analogue desk and ask if the MUE branchemlent GT R1 is the most appropriate tool for this type utilisationn ????
thank you for your wise counsel

quinine4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Boiboite good little red with the quality within."

Tascam GT-R1
Little Red boiboite
line in + mic in + headphone / line out mini-jack, a jack between guitar
a pair of microphone.
SD Card, USB2.0
Alim via USB or DC5V (battery Li)

I use it as a mmo, recorder session can (rock gtr-bass beats, vocals), play / work alone with headphones and use the box to beat.

To save, there are 3 gain modes. By choosing the right and rglant the knob, it quickly found a good recording. And if like me you know nothing about mp3 compression of deals etc, just do some tests to find a good sound without noise compression.
It can record in wav also, in this case the there is the potential to make loops and record over it. But I have yet to test.

Results: I really pat t by rendering GTR1. We had already recorded with mp3 recording with microphone atmosphere, the result dcevant silent (not because of us;)). Long live the Tascam!

The game is enjoyable with headphones, there are effects intgrs who are doing their job, even if he does not expect the crazy stuff. Headphone level, compared with the Bass POD I used before, the result is multimdia for Tascam GT-R1, the sound seems more "ar. Ah yes, there is also a intgr tuner.
The box is pace varies, of good quality, the problem is it takes a little searching with the dial rhythm you want.

A small regret, it seems we can not use it when it is plugged to the PC, vrifier.

I have yet to test the bass guitar or "killer".
The retarder tempo seems correct, convenient to the passages delicately!

I hesitating with Zoom H4n, and the Tascam DP-04.

The +: + Micro intgr good qualitbr /> + The pace box
+ Transport
+ Price (good c'tait good promo)

The biggest negatives is the point of pocket-sized, small buttons, 2 wheels, including one on the cot. Would turn real knobs easier to use t to me. I was hesitating with DP-4 for this reason.
The charger 5V option is expensive, I recharge through the USB port. But I saw that shippers taient GSM 5V, I go out much iron ...

If he could do beyond that would be perfect multitrack!

Jumikael's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam GT-R1
Full of features and capabilities, so take a look at the manual (it would take long to list everything).
I can still say that it saves to wav 16/24 bit 48 htz to choose from, or up to 320 kbps mp3.
Live as a recorder in any case, it tears. Lots of groups now want me to come to their rehearsal '/ concerts for the record. The sound is really impeccable, even when the amps are responsible, provided that rule well and we will set it correctly, the GT-r1permet to distinguish all the instruments.
A really great tool! - Pity I did not have a group on my side to really enjoy it.

Cons: accessories are expensive.
Lieutenant Blueberry01/04/2009

Lieutenant Blueberry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam GT-R1
Hello, actually I was looking for a kind of "Swiss knife" of guitar work for my guitar when I'm with my girlfriend on her couch alone .. Anyway

I use it for one month and I am delighted with this choice even if I find some purchase honing (€ 318 at The Home Studio)

I use it mainly to play on the patterns of my Boss DR880 drum machine which I recorded qq examples on the GT-R1, and also as a "notepad" when I take my guitar lessons with my teacher (very good sound played with 2 microphones)

I tested the function of slowing down the tempo without altering the tone it works well.
on the other hand, delete parts of the guitar on a song to play over, I was not sure (I just tried a piece, Cocaine, the AC is very very average)

I have not tested the effects low against the effects for guitars are OK, in that it sounds good in the headphones, I ask no sounds grandiose guitars with this kind of gear.
The bar is OK

Otherwise, I hesitated with the Boss Micro BR home bcp is cheaper, and Tascam's previous products and finally I was convinced by the ergonomics of the R1 GT that matched my needs best guitar trainer.

I put as 8 out of 10 rating because I think the high price (again with the € 69 micro BR) and the function of DELETING guitar that I was not at all convinced.
Otherwise, I'm really happy that choice and remake that fully meets my needs.

hillmore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam GT-R1
First test repeated with the following training: guitar + bass + drums + vocals + sax ... Simply stunning! Here is a link to listen ( ) .

The setting of input level, associated with the limiter gives a result that exceeds my expectations: placed one meter in height, facing the drums with the guitar on one side and low on the other, I get a very good presence frequency of each instrument and an excellent distribution stétéo.

The battery life is good: about 5 hours with 2 hours 3 hours recording and listening. A default input level is adjusted with a knob, so easy to disrupt ongoing manipulation. I would have preferred the same two small buttons that adjust the output level ...

I made some test recordings with Philips MP3 recorder, but the tiny microphone did not provide satisfactory or usable. The record of our sessions so far required hardware.
So the first real recording that combines everything I wanted: compact, lightweight, simple, excellent, plus all the possibilities to work with features associated with the guitar input.

[edit of 17/02/2011]
After more than two years of loyal service, the choice is confirmed. I put a few recordings under different conditions in this post (,news-tascam-gt-r1,p.5.html ) .
Robustness side, I lost count of the logs as mine took by force from falling and being carted in extreme conditions (usually in bulk to the bottom of a bag or pocket, exposed to shocks, changes climate, humidity and temperature hostile ...), and the only damage done is paint chips and the disappearance of four small rubber feet.
I think this tool was designed by guys who really use it (and traveling), and it is rare enough to be stressed!