Mackie PPM608
Mackie PPM608

PPM608, Powered Mixer from Mackie in the PPM series.

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JimboSpins's review"Portable but still sort of heavy"

Mackie PPM608
The Mackie PPM608 is a very portable and small mixer. This is the type of mixer to have if you need to have a lot of channels to work with and still need some good compression. There are effects on this mixer that are pretty decent for it being a small and at this price. The 3 band EQ is on each of the 8 channels giving you great control over the input sound. But for this mixer to be small it still weighs 25 pounds! That is still a good amount of weight for a small portable mixer.
One of the most attractive things about this mixer is that you crank it up to max volume with compression and limiters on it and it will not get distorted at all. The sound will still sound very clean and crisp. Pair this up with a good pair of monitors and you will have a professional sound.
At first I thought the price of this mixer was a little too much because it cost 700 dollars and I have used other mixers that are basically the same but cost about 150 bucks less! But after hearing it and seeing how well it is made, I would have no issue purchasing this for us again. I do however think that some of that price is going to the “Mackie” name because they also tend to charge a little more than other name brands do especially when it comes to live sound equipment.
This 1,000 watt mixer will give you the sound you need for your live event, as long as you do not need more than 8 channels then this D Class amp should suit you just fine and it will also last a long time too. It is well and gives you a great sound. I recommend this mixer especially if you already have a good set of monitors to compliment it.