Line 6 StageSource L2t
Line 6 StageSource L2t

StageSource L2t, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Line 6 in the StageSource series.

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stompboxjon's review"Quality speaker with great features"

Line 6 StageSource L2t
I have been anticipating the day that I get a chance to work with the L2t from Line 6 StageSource because since it came out I have heard nothing but great things about it. At first I didn’t think the price should have been so high with it only being 800 watts. It is a 2 way powered PA speaker, a feature that is very good one this monitor is the speaker modes (smart speaker modes). There is also a digital mixer on it as well.
The smart speaker modes has 6 different speaker modes in it and each one of those modes has EQ features/presets like electric guitar, keyboard backline, floor monitor and personal PA (there are also some more of them). It is very easy to use these modes and have everything ready to go right at your finger tips because all you have to do is activate the switch and you are good to go.
This monitor can be pole mounted, but I used it as a floor monitor and even used it as a PA speaker once so far. I do love the way that it sounds with instruments as well. I have heard many live brass instruments through the L2t so far and I can say it sounds amazing.
There is also a L6 link digital networking system in this monitor that will create a network of speakers that will automatically configure with no effort. This is not a feature that we had to have but it is a nice plus. If you have a lot of Line 6 Stage gear/systems this is a great feature to have though because it makes everything very easily synced and ready to go with no worrying or configuring on the users part. This speaker is a little bigger than what I expected too, it is not huge but it has some size and weight to it.

Zecat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great stuff!"

Line 6 StageSource L2t
I dreamed of this get me pregnant since its release, the power and weight suited me better than her big sister L3t. But the price was too high, the secondhand almost nonexistent, until one day a liquidation store, bought by a pro who sold it to me at a fair price (new enclosure final).

The enclosure is very well made, covered with a sort of metal grid, all with very good finishes. the carrying handle fitted in the side of the enclosure is practical and robust, and it can also be performed by each end. The rubber reinforcements allow ask the enclosure without foot, if a base is slated to host a foot.
The handle may also serve as a support for the chamber put obliquely, as a return. Built in speaker stands can also be made to the position at a different angle.

Side branches, it has 2 entrances to accommodate the XLR or jack on the side (for example, a guitar and a microphone vocals), RCA to connect a laptop or other computer player to play music and another XLR / jack amplified 4 db (eg keyboard).
Connectors obviously also provided for connecting other similar enclosure or a mixer. I have not used these opportunities.

Both channels can be mixed separately (vocals and guitar or keyboard in my use), with gain, EQ, reverb and modulation. Acoustic effect is also expected to get a warmer made with an acoustic guitar. I connected an electric guitar it's clean and it really looked good too.

The rendering of this place is really beautiful: voice and singing are very well reproduced, and this is the point at which I clung particularly important. I connected more acoustic and electric guitar (without pedal effect for the latter, but I suppose we must insert effects pedals between the electric guitar and the speaker). Made really great.
We have a feedback suppressor (well I have not had feedback but I try to be careful too) and the ability to use a variety of presets according to custom playback for streaming music, acoustic guitar, elec guitar, keyboard, or preset when the speaker is placed on the ground. Well, one question I ask myself is how these settings are affected since we may have different instruments connected at the same time that does not necessarily require the same preset ...

I then tried the speaker to play music, damn it sends sound! There was something off all moumoutes assistance! Oddly speaker seemed less capable of sending strong voice with guitar +. But I may be too lowered the gain.

I like this place for its sound quality, durability, practicality and finishes. And the weight is really correct. Finally, I love the many opportunities it offers, whether for the stage solo or in pairs, or for home use of music playback (but must then moderate to have no trouble with the neighbors !).
Very happy with my purchase made because the price was more accessible. However, it remains to test it in more configurations (I also connect my keyboard).