Mackie SRM350v2
Mackie SRM350v2

SRM350v2, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the SRM series.

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 1 user review14 %
 2 reviews29 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Philippe Hélard08/21/2014

Philippe Hélard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Less reliable than the V1: the proof in pictures"

Mackie SRM350v2
I SRM 350 V1 for 10 years: never worry despite the sometimes hard for them conditions.
I SRM 350 V2 2 years since I've already sent 2 times for repair, both.

Here is a picture of the electronic parts of the 2 versions.
Reducing component quality is obvious. V1 is the Mastock strong. V2 is lightweight and fragile.

pagof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good value for money"

Mackie SRM350v2
J use these speakers for 9 months.
I ve heard some models before making my choice, the sound of MACKIE was very good and sufficient power for my use.
J appreciate their lightness and accuracy.
I think the value for money is very good. Certe it s is not the best 10 inch, but certainly those that offer the best value for money.
I remake that choice without hesitation.
Nico Wuilque06/28/2013

Nico Wuilque's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Warning several V2"

Mackie SRM350v2
I note that there are several v2. The first two with logo, a top and a bottom and its quality manufacturing are similar to v1. As against to the one with the logo at the bottom is more of Tapco renamed. Its very average, see quite closed ditto for quality.

Slslehavre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I strongly recommend"

Mackie SRM350v2
I use srm350V2 3 years, finally I tried to use because after the 3rd exit, two down ...
I bought in 2002 the first version SRM350 (hence the gray), which are very very sturdy machines, and they still look all year round in the rain, sunlight, at full capacity, in the dust ... zero short interest ...
so I wanted to complete my fleet in 2008 by buying the last SRM350 V2, so I was then bought over 600euros memory ttc the piece, in fact departing his most glittering party put forward a medium acute, nothing more to the serious, but for everything else, very poor production, let me explain ...
The material used kind of ABS plastic or the like, very dark blue becomes light blue stripe at the least ... when I "shake" the speaker, I hear the son of internal connection type against the chassis, after the uses the first two runs out of power (besides the SRM350 V1 were used on the same site in version 4 back in 350V1 srm and V2), so I send it for repair, while it is being repaired, the second goes down to the next exit (for those who have any doubt, always use the V1 at the same time, and on the same stage and same power supply, 1 amp QSC plx1602, a yamaha pc4800 amp, behringer ULTRACURVE 8024 and 2 Soundcraft LX7 console 1-32), after returning from two machine shop, a walk to this day, the second of a sudden more acute compression and a gift so large background noise, but not type buzz 50hz area, rather like blowing very hard, but the serious ...
So is the second in a corner to rot it will probably just keeping empty hp severe acute changed, added a filter, two Speakon and here is a rare model of passive srm350v2 ...
I remain at the disposal of those questions, and am curious to know the opinion of those who have the same version all black, is it the same? because I am still very happy with my V1 and my Mackie CFX20 ...

slappy-ben's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well"

Mackie SRM350v2
Jes have used them 2 times so far

Not tried much before, but bad experience with a sound system powerful enough (2 * 100W for electronic drums, a song, a keyboard and a sax at the outdoor music festival, not necessarily good ...)

Good return of her singing and keyboard. Good power. Of these three speakers (the third served as a back) were taken two votes, a keyboard and a saxophone: And that did it well. on the other hand is to use a low just a bit (or so maybe a pb of DI, to see the keyboard because of the lower leaves sometimes much présntes) with this config was sufficient to support a standard acoustic drum

Very good value for money, the choice would do without hesitation. At first, a little scared with a very slight hum, but in live condition is totally negligible.

Only small problem but it applies to forums heads: You do not see the LED "overload" flashing when the enclosure is turned back.
Weight: Super
H2 om11/21/2010

H2 om's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Any good"

Mackie SRM350v2
I use it for a week, not yet well established.

The first thing is the weight, it's just 10kg! and congestion, but it is soft and class That a very good finish, it is at Mackie.
Now i sound, it's all good really impressive, a holy potato and a very good sound quality, bass and treble well marked not aggressive. Ideal for small clubs, patio etc. ..
value for money is very good, I would do this choice without hesitation.


dj's@'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie SRM350v2
I use these speakers for 3 weeks.I 'have compared the former MODEL (SRM 350) and version V2.Ba. .. is not the same son.Les V2 have a quality very low noise superieur.Les mdiums mdiums and are contrary to the former Submitted MODEL, and gus are not aggressive at all, even stronger volume.La jpeux say bravo MACKIE changement.Je ENTSO for not taking these speakers, and dailleurs, jprend prochnement.Mais other two subs when SWA V2??