Mackie SRM450
Mackie SRM450

SRM450, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the SRM series.

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 33 reviews )
 12 reviews36 %
 10 reviews30 %
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yoTrakkz's review

Mackie SRM450
The Mackie SRM 450’s have a great live sound , these are a perfect for all of your road gigs. The best thing about these powered PA speakers is that they aren’t that heavy. Any band that is on the road understands the importance of having equipment that is portable and that you can get in and out of the bus or the van the easiest without compromising the sound of the monitors.
The overall sound of these powered PA speakers is crystal clear sound, great high mid and low range that sounds really big in the club and or night spot/ bar that you man be performing in. I didn’t particularly like the sound of the Mackie SRM 450’s when used at an outdoor even. The sound just didn’t travel well and sound as good as it does inside of four walls. This is a problem that you can have with a lot of monitors so it wasn’t something that was that big of a deal because it’s a common issue. The price of these monitors is around a standard basic price for monitors of this caliber and size. You can pull these monitors with you no matter where you take them because like I said before they aren’t too heavy to tote around with you and they can take a beating just in case they are handled roughly it wont be a problem. They sound great with live instruments and all ranges of voices from high to low. We actually had a problem finding the stands for the Macki SRM 450’s because when we purchase them they didn’t come with any. So finding the right stand that provided good balance was kind of difficult but once we did that we had a perfect sound and great looking speakers with the Mackies. Put these on your wish list.

moosers's review

Mackie SRM450
The Mackie SRM 450 is a powered PA speaker for live shows and band practices and things of that sort. These are 2-way, bi amplified speakers that don't require any sort of additional power since they're active. I normally don't do much live sound, but recently the recording studio that I work at put on a show and we had a set of these for the PA. I was told that we also have used them as monitoring on stage, but while I was there setting up and helping with the sound we were using them as house PA speakers. These things can definitely get pretty loud, but the music for the most part wasn't too heavy so we were blasting them to their full potential. They're really easy to set up and to control, and for PA speakers they aren't incredibly heavy as I was able to carry one of them by myself. They now have a newer version of the SRM 450's, but I haven't seen or used them so I can't compare them to these. As far as pure sound quality is concerned, I was definitely pretty impressed with the clarity coming from these speakers, but again we weren't loading it up with too many loud sounds as it was pretty stripped down. I don't know what kind of price we paid for these speakers, but if you can find this version of them now I'd imagine that they would be a bit cheaper since there is indeed a newer version of these out. Macke in generally makes very affordable public address (PA) gear, so I'd be surprised if this wasn't already a deal when the studio got them. If you're looking for a set of powered PA speakers that will get the job done in most situations, the SRM 450's are definitely worth a gander.
Audiofanzine FR12/07/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Mackie SRM450
(Originally written by tono/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I bought them secondhand in 2004: two SRM450 with two SWA1501 subwoofers made in Italy...

I've used them for about 400 gigs since and I haven't had any problem.

First of all, I compared them live with some Chinese models and there is SIMPLY NO COMPARISON!!! Except for the look these are fully different products.

I use them for FOH applications (with the subwoofers) with my band (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocal) in clubs, medium size halls and small open air venues (up to 500 persons). I feed them with a 01V96 V2.

With an EQ in the mixer output to correct the mids (which can sound aggressive sometimes), the upper highs (a bit too weak, especially at high output volumes) and the possible acoustic problems of the room. I get a very good sound and a good definition regardless of the volume. Unlike the Chinese models, the speakers have a good feedback rejection.

The size/output power/sound quality ratio is really excellent.

Currently, only RCF speakers can compete with this system.

I'm still fully satisfied with this speaker system.

MGR/DJKevinquinn's review"Mackie SRM 450"

Mackie SRM450
I purchased my Mackie SRM450 speakers after an exhaustive search for something to provide my DJ business with quality and reliability. They often list for close to $700.00, however with some leg work, I was able to get the price down to $600.00.

These speakers are active. They have the amplifiers built right in! This si great for the mobile DJ who won't have to carry around a seperate (and heavy) amplifier. Plus, the sound is rich, and smooth. They have a wide dispersion pattern, making the whole room seem to fill up with music (not just in front of the speakers). Because they have amps built in, I'm not worried about blowing these speakers.

They don't have a whole lot of Bass. I pair mine with a seperate sub-woofer when I need that extra punch. Plus, for crowds larger than 250 to 300, you really need more power. I am also concerned about the cost of repair. I have never had any problems, but if something were to go wrong with this unit, they are more expensive to replace than a stand-alone speaker, or amplifier. They are also a bit pricey, but well worth the investment!

The unit is molded plastic, and is very sturdy. It has three handles (one on each side, and one on the top) for convenient transport. The biggest thing that impressed me about the look and construction is the sheer sturdyness of it. These things are made to me hauled around, and can stand a lot of abuse!

If you are a mobile or club DJ, these are the perfect speakers for most of your applications. They are durable, sound great, and require no external amplifier. I would reccomend them to anyone who does a lot of travel with them, because they are rugged. The quality is worth the investment.

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MGR/Dave's review"Mackie SRM 450"

Mackie SRM450
Acquired new at the standard price of $699 per speaker, for use as keyboard amplification in a rather loud rock band that plays clubs with audiences of 50-200.

These speakers are powered, which eliminates the need for a powered mixer. (I just use a small non-powered mixer to mix the keyboards). They are also reasonably lightweight, being housed in plastic, compared with most of the plywood-housed PA speakers on the market.

The sound is totally overrated, in my opinion. The high end is decent and fairly clear. However the low end severely lacks power and sounds harsh in comparison with other similarly priced units. I am really disappointed with these and will either have to add a subwoofer to get adequate low end, or will have to sell them and buy speakers with 15" woofers instead.

Plastic housing, seems to be fairly resistant to dings and scratches.

Way overpriced and overrated. You will need to add a subwoofer to get what you really want out of these speakers.

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Trand_27's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Viva Italia!"

Mackie SRM450
Purchased there over 10 years ago, Italian style.

I wanted a good sound, not necessarily watts galore, but also good quality.
I my bearings on a good pair of "banana" Bose 802. Sound terrible of course, but off-budget (and without a subwoofer, yet essential with these corny)
I was offered the Mackies in the budget with the subwoofer, tested, adopted!

Pros: The sound, I use filtered with subwoofer (Mackie SWA 1501 purchased at the same time) for large parties, the sound is terrible, clean enough (obviously must equalize, as they are quite accurate and can quickly become aggressive for once). And strength, she made evening outside, connected to an old generator, on a beach at all possible volume RAS! One is cut once (thermal protection), but I had really pushed (200 people in a gym). 10 minutes later, here we go nickel.

The -: are heavy (but the handles are damn good)

I remake this choice without problem! I've had quite expensive I guess, but reported the good services they have rendered me (and they still make me) it was worth it.

lololuppin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Catastrophic!"

Mackie SRM450
I do not own these speakers but sometimes I troubleshoot an orchestra that has two back and two front coupled with a sub of the same brand and the sound is disastrous in any case for me it sounds cardboard it is not pleasant at all to hear the sound of these speakers. I do not know the price of these speakers but whatever it is it will be too expensive for my taste.

singerkiller's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie SRM450
I use them for two years before I turned it on those of Behringer B300 and I test a lot of pregnant style Yamaha / bst ...

then in terms of finish, nothing to say! it's solid!
in terms of XLR connectors only! damage the jack that is also time! I had the shot once or I had to pair with 2 other forums but I could only jack! and bin damage; amuses you to do a cable! good but the XLR being the best connection! possible by coupling cons XLR
for adjustments and a gain (normal!), a self activating switch (mutes the sound when nothing comes out and gives it when it spits!) I personally used it but it might be useful! because it is one of their faults, they become very hot! So for long evenings infinissables it can be useful! , A high pass filter (75 hz) I used it because another of their defaults is to resent the low! of 12 inches is normal nothing wrong! so it can depoluer sound! , A switch for digging mediums (so it is like it or not! Me I find it not very useful! But it's good and it can serve! LEDs heating and peak at the back (too bad the engineers sound must be before it seems to me no? "bah the zicos be a sign behind him to do if the peak or heat is too high! and here for pimples! simple!
to my taste is missing two Bass / treble it is anyway!
opportunity to use them for lying back! they are almost all now but it was noted

Then there are two products; an Italian and a Chinese! we can know from the serial number! (A show on the internet!) Me is the Chinese! but ... it works anyway!

for value for money, nothing to say! one has for his money!
not too heavy but it's 12 inches it is a pity! of 15 would have been better made bass!
it remains a small but nice active speaker pampered especially for the heat! the sound is not bad when it is given a clean signal, otherwise it's pretty loud! a bit of breath but ...
short! good value for money, is better! but there are far worse! then, yes I would do this election if I had 1000 euro slam!


El_Becko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Made in China to flee"

Mackie SRM450
Having practiced with the first versions happiness I can only put a huge red card for Mackie and misled many musicians who have rushed for models made in china: it is zero at zero, hyper-aggressive, unreliable and it hangs like the speakers to 150 euros. Value for money close to zero.

on the other hand, if you are still models go for italy: with boxes and with a good treatment of façade (eq and dynamics) you will believe in all the world that are facing a big s system.

but what took them ?????

Pdeg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mackie reliability of Dgout no !!!!!!!!!!"

Mackie SRM450
I use them for 2 years, I have 4 they are made in china. I can not compare to Made in Italy because I have never cost the latter. my ear musicians are correct in that price range -500. I have bought from friends who already used them long ago and who meets silent and after some costs I left the top. I have no other cost models.
I found them all over, a little heavy, possibility to set height thanks to not screw intgr. the correct sound bass treble presents fairly specific on but a bit of time crillard tps, they are associated rcf705as a box but there is a hole in Frequencies between.
I had 1 first concern on a speaker whose sound is cut off after a minute or two she returns home suffering 2 mackie or electronic circuit Has Completely changed (under warranty) and a 2nd pregnant just simply stops as LATEST week, it turns even more, after you silent verifies the fuse and check that nothing good well I did cram'm in trouble because the guaranteed stops as just 2 months ago. I did rpar there was for 105 for a component on the PSU that is not powerful enough to heat and power Crame ...
Do not tell me it's not by chance, out of 4 speakers 2 Merd Obviously I have no gear from Rasht Mackie is also why my box is an rcf and not a mackie.
I had to put a little more and buy rcf I'm green!.