Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I.
Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I.

Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I., Bass preamp pedal from Aguilar in the Tone Hammer series.

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All user reviews for the Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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crrcrr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I.
DI box / prampli transistors, simple, robust appearance and is trs trs heavy.

Connectivity is basic, no frills: In jack, DC in, switch prpost, DI, switch ground / lift and jack out. In 99.9% of situations, it is more than enough! Level knob was a gain, treble / bass and mdiums Settings, and two master switches "Calls" and "AGS" for the passage in bypass mode and method pramp saturation / distortion.


The configuration is quite comfortable because this box is the anti-thse of EBS MicrobassII SANSAMP and BDI. It really just what you need to shape its sound. In terms of rglages is effective and prcis (Aguilar what ...) In fact they have understood in AGUILAR, their Tone Hammer is simple to configure: the coup they have many less invested in a clear and legible hand, they prfr A4 sheet cut in half with two top three entries ... Obviously many in English


The sound is versatile Aguilar, dlivre deep bass and clear treble without being aggressive. It is ideal in my WW complment ltd2006 thumb which he brings this sound a little typical amricains. But the finding is more mixed on my Spector NS JH5, it even goes with being a pramp Aguilar (OBP-1), the Tone Hammer can not find a place (except channel distortion).

The clean sound is the spitting image AGUILAR deep, clear and powerful.

The Distortion channel is that of happiness: a lot less wind than most pramps, more the quality of sound is really appointment.


For the price, it's a product that clearly dmarque competition. I have two other possd pramp / Sun before that the SANSAMP the BDI is well when to play on a stagg you amplify with Berhinger, BSE MB2 that sounds great at all times with a connectivity ultra complete but a little expensive with the breath of the channel distortion. The Aguilar would rather like BSE in terms of sound grain typical brand and does not distort the sound as a SANSAMP BDI ...

Put simply, happy with my purchase!

adrien3070's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I.
What type of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?
see manufacturer.
What is the power delivered?
What connection?
What are the settings, effects? ...dropoff Window


Is the configuration simple?
very simple
Gets it easy to sound good?

Is the manual clear and sufficient? ...dropoff Window


Will it fit your style of music?
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat", ....)?
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?


How long have you use it?
What thing do you like most and least?
The preamp function is very efficasse. The signal that comes out is clean and safe (volume). The DI is very efficasse, big sound on a sound system, its clear to save.
AGS allows a very good sound, cepandant there is a large difference in volume with clear sound. unusable function. this is a big problem.
Have you tried many other models before buying it?

yes, without amp
How would you rate the quality / price?

With experience, you do again this choice? ...dropoff Window

good sound, but lacks a volume ags

jpcoolbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I.
Amplification type: transistor
connection: back from right to left input jack - a 18 volt power supply input - a DI - output jack.
adjustments, effects: gain, treble, bass, mid frequency, mid level, and master
over a two push button to activate another preamp to activate the sat. and two button behind for a button DI pre / post EQ button and a ground / lift for land


Everything is contained in a nice green box Metallic passing very solid weighing a kilo all round.
The setup: very simple one turns the knob and it works!
the sound that's personal, however I do not know much of the world complainant aguilar preamp.
for info: the direct result of the hammer tone OBP3 model with the DI and distortion as well.
The manual page in inglish petie two of course! (along I ordered the US ...)
I urge everyone to take the optional AC power supply if it is becaufe two 9 volt battery each time ... plus it is the universal power supply that could be better?


The tone is very Polivalente hammer, I use it with a low energy status, and 4 as it boosts dir serious at any point of view. I use either the ID on the table or registered before my amp. and in any case: it tears his race!!
one can have any type of sound if you know how to use it and have fingers that go with it ...:-)


I've had about six months, I like the preamp and DI super efficient portability, the sound of hell, the build quality ...
what shit is to be as usual US force to command because there is little or no distributor in France.
paid 231 euros with the power supply aguilar and customs charges including delivered in less than a week, I am satisfied with my purchase (51 euros in customs duties and VAT ...)
I tried something else before the SansAmp and other style but nothing had convinced me.
I am more than satisfied with my purchase and would do it eyes closed.