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Bass preamp pedals user reviews

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Bass

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Bass - "I really dig it!"


    Hi all, I’ve owned it since it came out. I played it live at La Cigale, an important venue in Paris. I play an active Fender Precision in genres close to Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire (even though they don’t have a bass player…

  • Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K

    Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K - "The ultimate overdrive-preamp"


    Used with a Jazz Bass into a Chillbass 100's, alongside a Rat and Big Muff. I play post rock and other punchy styles. It's a very sturdy stompbox, no battery. Very efficient and versatile settings. It's possible to get a good OD out of it, but I …

  • EBS MicroBass II

    EBS MicroBass II - "EBS Micro Bass II Cured My Hunt For A Phantom Powered DI" has images


    MY WANTS AND NEEDS LIST: Quiet for live TV and studio capable. Switchable from one sound to the next. Phantom power capable. Preferably have a battery only option/No power cord/adapter. Small or Flat enough to fit in the po…

  • Hartke VXL Bass Attack

    Hartke VXL Bass Attack - "Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pedal"


    The Hartke VXL pedal is black, probably the size of two Boss sized pedals side by side. I need a DI box and a distortion pedal and this is both of those things in one. I bought it brand new at my local music shop for $89.00 <a href="http://gui…

  • Ampeg SVT-DI

    Ampeg SVT-DI - moosers's review


    The Ampeg SVT-DI is a vacuum tube based direct injection box, designed for use in the studio. Like all DI boxes, it can of course be used in a live setting if you so choose, but as far as the SVT-DI goes I'd recommend only using it in the studio sin…

  • Radial Engineering Bassbone

    Radial Engineering Bassbone - "Radial Engineering Tonebone Bassbone"


    History: I've played bass professionally for 44 years and a couple of my bands released 45s when that's what bands did, but none was a hit. I currently play in a praise band in a local church and also do studio work. I favor rock but have played just…

  • Hartke VXL Bass Attack

    Hartke VXL Bass Attack - "Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pedal"


    I was not satisfied with my tone. I saw several reviews about the Hartke bass pedal saying it was a good stuff, so I bought one from for 99 euros plus 15 euros shipping. This unit provides really various and good tones. I have c…

  • Hartke VXL Bass Attack

    Hartke VXL Bass Attack - "Hartke ATK Bass Attack Pedal"


    I bought this unit from Zzounds for $99.95. If you can buy just one pedal for your bass guitar then this is the one to get.I couldn't believe how much it improved the tone of my Peavey T40 and all I did was to set the knobs on the Bass Attack to the…

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