EBS ValveDrive
EBS ValveDrive
888elvis 05/18/2011

EBS ValveDrive : 888elvis's user review

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Satisfied for these rglages and frequencies of these rglages but for his chleur unfortunately because of its purchase I think the issue of BSE in raa must surely do better work because at r Result is a qua more than anything. Personal opinion, I notice that my hopes to be helpful to you. bientt. JC

prampli lamp,
Jack connectors 6.35
Increased frequencies and somewhat of rglages but the amp has to follow!



yes very simple,
so no need for manual,
yes a good sound easy but not very justified given its price.
My advice, wait and prfrez better quality amp, not power or even a coffee and a good compressor or 8 x 10 no need to comp, everything else is an argument shopping .dropoff window

good evening.




I already said that selling point for novices.