EBS ValveDrive
EBS ValveDrive
chab5 02/13/2013

EBS ValveDrive : chab5's user review

«  Very good pedal! »

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Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Trebble
Svetlana lamp 12XA7
A switch to activate the pedal
A switch to switch from modern to vintage fashion
Button to remove an 8 dB gain.
Button to set the mute pedal thru or bypass.

Bass knobs, Medium, Trebble are passive

What simplicity!


Bass knobs, Medium, Trebble are passive! Therefore act on one affects the other. To get a flat EQ must put the bass and treble to zero and mediums according to the manual thoroughly EBS.

EBS provided some very useful basic settings.

We always get a good sound, but if you try to create a specific sound exactly it takes a little research with the knobs liabilities (as a widened his example). That said if you're a fan of big bass and treble cut absolutely all it will be easy for you.

The switch modern / vintage switch can be used to clean the saturated according to its settings.


The pedal can sound cleans with a warm roundness based on more than treble.
For it is here that saturation really play the modern and vintage modes.

Modern mode saturates slower than the vintage fashion. The grain is more acute and the saturation is more focused on the low mids. It sounds more in the style of transistor overdrive pedals (similar to Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI but more faithful to the sound of the bass and warmer)

The vintage fashion saturates relatively quickly and provides a saturation finer, smoother, more in the spirit of old tube amps (very different from modern grain mode). This mode is more enhanced by the passive equalization. For example you can have a very light and subtle saturation react fine nuances of your playing strength (eg play softly and to saturate the sound attacks stronger, crunchy sound anything).
The vintage fashion offers a single grain of saturation no other pedal does and certainly not a transistor pedal!

This pedal meets well the dynamics of the instrument.

More when we get very, very strong pedal in the fully saturated lamp gives a pretty impressive effect sustainer.
(In fact it may be a combo between the pedal and my tube amp, I do not really know but it's not impossible).

A small example of use:
With this pedal I sound ideal for playing in a group of deathmetal. My sound brings heaviness and power, enhances guitars without cover since I dig the sound to let my mids and treble guitars accentuate the distortion very aggressive guitars. it allows the final mix to have a very strong and consistent with each instrument finds its place.
(In fact my settings focus the distortion of the spectrum up and leave the bass with a more clean, avoiding large BBBRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I do not like)

After I also use this pedal for softer things anyway.


I bought it in 2009 and sold in 2010 when I bought my head Ampeg SVT Classic, the final in 2012 I bought to regain its saturation so special.
Before I had the BOSS ODB3 (it looks like a horror cyber hive bees the future), I got the Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI (good pedal but lacks settings, and severe lack of fidelity, So I sold). I also had the MXR Bass DI + (a synthetic settings not subtle at all).

What I love most is really the sound of the vintage channel, this is the only overdrive pedal that gives saturations very natural, very hot. No other pedal I've tried or seen on youtube tested German major retailers or manufacturers themselves, has this beautiful vintage saturation.

There are amps that compete, either old or new amps tube amps Fender guy 100T.

Is this-that I would do this choice? Well I've redo :)