EBS ValveDrive
EBS ValveDrive
ferretbass 08/20/2013

EBS ValveDrive : ferretbass's user review

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Preamp / overdrive lamp (one 12AX7)
input and output connections in jack 6.35
gain settings, 3-band EQ (bass, mid, treeble), volume
2 switches activated at one foot to activate / bypass the preamp and the other to spend modern fashion vintage fashion


simple configuration, it adjusts its gain and volume to get the desired level of distortion and tinkered with the EQ to find his sound, small feature, the EQ is passive, it can not but add that removing.
The manual (in English) is very clear examples of settings are provided that allow for a starting point to find the desired sound.


It is perfect for my style of music (metal), I use it mostly with my Cort Artisan (active 5cordes) for my cruncher slightly warm sound and the sound of my Markbass combo, or to have a big, aggressive distortion (Mode vintage) on more sustained passages.
The two modes are quite different preamp saturation level and the sound will change depending on the mode, without affecting other settings, vintage fashion fuller and saturate faster than the modern mode (which it is more metallic) .
Also be aware that the change in the attack distortion (more on attack over it saturates).
I have not tested the sound too light (at the same time it was not the purpose of this purchase), but I noticed that my sound swells that finds all skinny when I turn off the machine.


I use since December, I tested other models of distortion / overdrive (bassblogger, ODB3) before making my choice, but none came out the type of distortion that I was looking for until I fall on the corner of a shop.
I love the sound of this pedal, I could not do without it, it's really what I wanted.
It is a certainty that I remake that choice malgrès a high price (but good quality comes at a price)