EBS ValveDrive
EBS ValveDrive
Ogmor 02/02/2014

EBS ValveDrive : Ogmor's user review

«  Machine has it all! »

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Robust hyper pedal operated with a 12AX7 lamp (a svetlana the way!)
True Bypass button to remove or non-8db for active instruments, and another to bypass or mute the signal when disengages the effect.
A switch to go from a "vintage" has a "modern" sound.
Technically speaking, this is a preamp with a 3-band EQ, a master volume and gain knob.
But according to that place in an effects loop or in front, it behaves differently. I'll come back later.
It operates with a 12V power supply provided.


Not all need to use complicated, but it takes time to properly identify all the possibilities of this craft.
It therefore takes time to find "his" sound, but of office, the transformation that operates on the sound is a wonder.
I think there was a manual, but I've never opened.


Then placed on the front, it operates like a good old overdrive pedal lamp, it saturates quickly and you can go pretty extreme sounds, still very hot.
I have a preference for vintage fashion, that sounds, how to say ... vintage, that is to say more velvety. The modern mode is not bad, but provided more acute, so it's pretty typical, especially mediator, and there you can have fun playing Deathcrush Mayhem!
Placed in an effects loop, it was suddenly very little saturation, not in the same way in front in any case: it crisp a little, it warms the signal, and when you have a better than average amp, like my Hartke HA3500, it feels good or it goes by! In modern fashion, can be be a bit more saturated, but that the goal is no longer to have the distortion.
The pedal is pretty rich bass, but the EQ is quite effective.


I use it for 2 years and I'm still crazy! I play less bass, but I "forced" my bass player has to use the pedal (in quotes because it has adopted too). I could compare with EBS Multidrive, which for once is not a preamp. She is very good also, but with Valve Drive, we are one, or two, or even 10 clicks above. If you just want a good distortion and we already have an all-tube bass amp with exceptional grain, multidrive may be sufficient, but will ValveDrive forcemment dessu. And when you have a hybrid amp or transistor average, this pedal change all perspectives. She warms her, offers a whole bunch of different colors. It may seem expensive, but it is a great investment!