Hartke VXL Bass Attack
Hartke VXL Bass Attack

VXL Bass Attack, Bass preamp pedal from Hartke in the AC series.

MGR/Billy 10/19/2010

Hartke VXL Bass Attack : MGR/Billy's user review

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The Hartke VXL pedal is black, probably the size of two Boss sized pedals side by side.

I need a DI box and a distortion pedal and this is both of those things in one. I bought it brand new at my local music shop for $89.00

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I like that that Hartke VXL can be used as either a preamp, a passive or active DI, and a distortion pedal. It packs that into one box, so I get to bring less to the gig. You can power this by a 9 volt battery, Zoom makes a power supply for it as well as I can used my One-Spot or my Godlyke Power All.

I do not like that when the pedal is bypassed in my signal the EQ is still active. This is no problem if this pedal is always on for you or if you are running it through a true bypass loop. But, hey it's a small price to pay compared to the cost of some of the similar pedals.

This thing is built in a tool metal casing. You wouldn't want to catch this pedal with your teeth! The knobs seem sturdy. The switches are OK, but could be better. I've had them stick once or twice, but the problem worked it self away.

Bottom Line is this is a great pedal packed with a ton of features for not a ton of money. Nothing will beat the sound of a cranked tube amp, but when you can't have that, this thing is a great substitute.

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