Eden Bass Amplification WTDI Direct Box/Preamp
Eden Bass Amplification WTDI Direct Box/Preamp

WTDI Direct Box/Preamp, Bass preamp pedal from Eden Bass Amplification in the World Tour series.

dams09 08/20/2014

Eden Bass Amplification WTDI Direct Box/Preamp : dams09's user review

«  Eden sound in a pedal »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Pedal preamp, direct box.
Adjusting bass, mid, treble, a compressor, a knob Enhance, volume, gain, bass boost switch, a switch mid shift.
An XLR output to connect directly to a console, one in input and output jack.
Simple and effective.


Configuration is very simple to me. For those who can use EQ, it could not be simpler. The bass boost and mid shift is not necessarily needed, equalization is already very sensitive and very effective.
For the compressor and the Enhance, well, you turn the knobs and listen to what it's like :) .
I never looked at the manual. There is a good sound very quickly. We can fiddle a while to find his hair cut at the microphone but in all cases the sound delivered is flattering for everyone to carve it to taste.


It is suitable for all styles. Really incredible versatility. It colors the sound without distorting it. I play it with an active JB and low production house with a micro type a musicman a kind accuracies. Each bass has its own identity and is easily recognizable.
The sound is fairly typical eden, trying to get an idea. But overall it's round, warm, slamming for slap ... A real treat. One can get almost any type of sound, and easily. I tried wtx264 head and it's really the same type of sound.
on the other hand, watch amplification puts you behind. Live in the computer to register it's great, great. on the other hand I tried a Laney amp with hp 15 ", which I really did not like the sound. Well it has slightly improved the sound but it's not miracles either. Such live on PA . If the sound is not good, especially pregnant, well, it's not sound particularly good.
on the other hand, plugged into a good amp, markbass type that is very neutral, it gives a very nice little sound coloration, who loves his eden.
And plugged directly into a sound card to play with headphones at home, it's great!


I use it for a year, at home and in rehearsal and recording. I love the sound it provides, very warm, versatile. Really a treat.
on the other hand must be seen for what it is: a tool that will help improve your sound without replacing a good amp available.
I highly recommend for the studio, plugged live, to work at home with headphones, or in addition to a good amp (or PA) if you want to provide additional color to your sound in rehearsal or concert.
In hindsight, yes I would do without hesitation that choice. Eden is really excellent products. There are other preamps, I have not had the opportunity to test (SansAmp, Hartke ...), but it gives me full satisfaction! Value / excellent price.