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Primacoustic news

  • Primacoustic introduces new mounting tools

    Primacoustic introduces new mounting tools

    10/15/15 in Primacoustic Helix

    Primacoustic announces a new collection of hardware to help hanging acoustic baffles and clouds: the Corkscrew, the SlipNot, and the Helix.

  • Primacoustic Paintables Clouds now shipping

    Primacoustic Paintables Clouds now shipping

    10/06/15 in Primacoustic Paintables Clouds Cirrus

    Primacoustic announces the availability of Paintables Clouds, a new series of paintable acoustic panels.

  • Primacoustic TelePad-4

    Primacoustic TelePad-4

    09/23/10 in Primacoustic TelePad-4

    TelePad-4 is designed to enable musicians to mount their iPhone directly on a mic stand, music stand or hi-hat to allow them to view one of the many applications that are proliferating around the globe.

  • Primacoustic Isotool Series

    Primacoustic Isotool Series

    07/05/10 in Primacoustic VoxGuard

    The new IsoTool range aims at isolating vocals with Voxguard, reducing mic stand vibrations with TriPad, or incorporating an iPhone or iPod Touch into your stage set-up with TelePad.

  • Primacoustic KickStand

    Primacoustic KickStand

    04/21/10 in Primacoustic KickStand

    The KickStand is a microphone boom-stand isolator that incorporates a stabilizing base with a foam isolation pad to eliminate resonance from the stage, drum riser and studio floor from entering the microphone.

  • [NAMM] RX-5 Upfire Isolation Platform

    [NAMM] RX-5 Upfire Isolation Platform

    01/15/09 in Primacoustic RX-5 Upfire Isolation Platform

    Primacoustic announced the latest Recoil Stabilizer: the RX5 UF up-fire, a nearfield monitor isolation platform designed for post production facilities where the playback monitor is often on a desk and needs to be angled upwards and aimed at the listener's ears.

  • [NAMM] Primacoustic GoTrap

    [NAMM] Primacoustic GoTrap

    01/15/09 in Primacoustic GoTrap

    Primacoustic is please announced the GoTrap, a 'stackable' studio gobo designed to isolate instruments and provide the recording engineer with more of the desired signal versus background noise.

  • [NAMM] Machine Room Computer Silencer

    [NAMM] Machine Room Computer Silencer

    01/15/09 in Primacoustic Machine Room Computer Silencer

    Primacoustic announced the Machine Room™ computer silencer; a fan-cooled enclosure designed to quiet down computers in recording studios, broadcast facilities and post production suites.

  • [NAMM] Primacoustic FlexiFuser

    [NAMM] Primacoustic FlexiFuser

    01/15/09 in Primacoustic FlexiFuser

    Primacoustic announced the FlexiFuser, a device designed to diffuse directional acoustic energy and help eliminate standing waves and flutter echo in studios and home theaters.

  • [NAMM] Primacoustic FlexiBooth

    [NAMM] Primacoustic FlexiBooth

    01/15/09 in Primacoustic FlexiBooth

    Primacoustic announced the FlexiBooth, a cupboard shaped acoustical device designed to turn a room into a voice-over booth by opening the doors.