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  • Prosoniq Northpole [Freeware]

    Prosoniq Northpole [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Prosoniq's NorthPole is a filtering and delay plug-in that is available free in a number of different plug-in formats. I no longer run this plug-in, but when I did it was in Cubase SX. I now run Pro Tools instead of Cubase and never felt I needed t…

  • Prosoniq Orange Vocoder

    Prosoniq Orange Vocoder - moosers's review


    The Prosoniq Orange Vocoder was an easy piece of software to install as it was just as easy to install as any other piece of software out there.  It only took a few minutes and I didn't have any compatibility problems or other issues whatsoever.  The…

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  • Prosoniq Orange Vocoder 10th Anniversary Edition

    Prosoniq Orange Vocoder 10th Anniversary Edition - " A new reference?"


    Installation and Authorization quick and easy. The Orange Vocoder, which is at version 3.40, can modulate one channel with another channel on the stereo, or take the internal synthesizer as "carrier." The synthesizer has two oscillators (ten wavefo…

  • Prosoniq Time Factory

    Prosoniq Time Factory - sonicsnap's review


    Easy installation and authorization (a simple "serial" to enter.) TimeFactory software is a "stand alone" stretching and pitch-shifting. The implementation is quite simple. Placing the sample in the "Input File". For stretching, you can enter the p…

  • Prosoniq Orange Vocoder

    Prosoniq Orange Vocoder - lolodilolo's review


    RAS SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE RAS OVERALL OPINION I t tonn not find your mind about this app. This app is relatively old as the vocoder Dc. The essay that I do not recall the feeling of a real vocoder (hard ware). The sound is too perfect…

  • Prosoniq Northpole [Freeware]

    Prosoniq Northpole [Freeware] - tedw@rigo's review


    Northpole is freeware home Prosoniq for Mac and PC. APRS Tlcharger have just the dzipper ( and copy it to the directory of VST plugins. The manual is in English, clear. NorthPole is a filter Fully programmable rsons that s…