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QSC RMX user reviews

  • QSC RMX 5050

    QSC RMX 5050 - "QSC RMX SERIES" has images


    Hello everybody, i am an electronic Technician so i would like to comment on QSC AMPLIFIER RMX series..i made some research on rmx series i even opened the rmx 5050 to watch the inside component the rmx series is not a solid amplifier like USA serie…

  • QSC RMX 4050HD

    QSC RMX 4050HD - "Big sound"


    The RMX 4050 HD is a high powered amp with 4000 watts and filters on it. It comes with clip indicators and clip limiters giving you the most possible power that you could ask for. This is one of the most expensive amps that I have used from QSC costi…

  • QSC RMX 2450

    QSC RMX 2450 - "tough as nails"


    The RMX 2450 is in my opinion the best amp that QSC makes. It is also one of the higher priced models that they have. I remember using this amp back in 2007, we had a few of them for our group because we needed something to push power to our subs and…

  • QSC RMX 2450

    QSC RMX 2450 - " a great value"


    This material was used for diffusion in a cafe / concert.il was full of dust, because never disassembled without probleme.Apres but turned a little cleaning it now serves to feed a pair of DS15. I love the variety of controls (filters, Bridge, limite…

  • QSC RMX 2450

    QSC RMX 2450 - isathier's review


    Hello I used this amp for 5 years. for me it is a very good reliable product which may have counted. in terms of quality for me are amps that lack of punch for the boxes but still very clear to the heads. the power level it's just they do har…

  • QSC RMX 2450

    QSC RMX 2450 - " good amp but a little heavy"


    very little notice given on this amp that I have because I've got it out of the bag 2 times in 2 years. it serves me amp help, and since none of my amps is broke, lol, but to have the main amp out in 1 or 2 small party, I would say to be objective wh…

  • QSC RMX 2450

    QSC RMX 2450 - " I'm looking for advice"


    I just bought an amp QSC RMC2450 I want to know if I can put 4 speakers in parallel ?? …

  • QSC RMX 850

    QSC RMX 850 - " Correct."


    I kept just be 2 or 3 years, I used it in months to mix. It is a small power amp, so do not ask the impossible. Construction is solid and neat. The sound is pretty good in general (of course depending on your speakers). Or there's fishing, it…

  • QSC RMX 1450

    QSC RMX 1450 - " excellent price / quality ratio"


    I use this amp for 2 years after owning a mac mah. Noticeable difference ear instantly and I can tell you that I'm not ready to part with my 1450 RMX! I like the QSC quality for an unbeatable price given qualities. Just went a little flat for the sha…

  • QSC RMX 1850HD

    QSC RMX 1850HD - " very good, but wear ....."


    I used the last 10 years most: impeccable sound reproduction, the least: volume knob tires ...... …