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Remo Ambassador user reviews

  • Remo ambassador

    Remo ambassador - sanjuro's review


    Remo Ambassador drum heads are a real indistry standard.  These were the first head replacements I purchased to repace the stock heads that came with my first kit, and it was an amazing improvement.  To be honest, people tend to underappreciate the m…

  • Remo ambassador

    Remo ambassador - FateFelledVictim's review


    I used all Remo heads when I first started playing drums, and eventually switch to mixture of Remo Black Suede on my snare, Aquarian Superkick 2 on my kick, and Evans EC2s or G2s on my toms, and this setup sounds way better. The Remo heads are amazin…

  • Remo Renaissance Ambassador 14 (Timbre)

    Remo Renaissance Ambassador 14 (Timbre) - Drummerguy's review


    These are very nice drum heads that the Remo corporation developed to sound more like the calf skin heads of long ago (well it wasn't really that far ago, but it definitely feels like it!). At the time they were developed these heads were definitely…

  • Remo Ambassador clear 12"

    Remo Ambassador clear 12" - safti's review


    These skins, I've had in standard configuration for almost 13 years. Their peculiarity that they have no identity If the keg is maple or birch, or thicker end of the drum sound is reproduced exactly, according to the characteristic of the drum…

  • Remo Ambassador 14'' Sablée

    Remo Ambassador 14'' Sablée - pecnobil-drummer's review


    I use the Ambassador 13 "on my CC Pearl Joey Jordison signature for more than six months what I like most about this skin is a good offense which results in an attack snapping dry, well-tuned one would think to hear a submachine gun I like the least…

  • Remo Ambassador 14'' Sablée

    Remo Ambassador 14'' Sablée - yorAEk's review


    I use the ambassador for a year, between two equivalent aquarian I tested a (very ugly but unbreakable) and Evans also equivalent (remember, for that matter). The ambassador provide the sound, look no how else to ring your snare to sound versatile…

  • Remo Ambassador 14'' Sablée

    Remo Ambassador 14'' Sablée - Batteurdu60's review


    I use it for 2 months, I like the power it gives, I put one on my snare drum, not bad, I only tried a Magnum of origin. The ratio quality price is not too bad: 17. Certainly the choice I would do but first I'd like to try Evans. …