Remo Ambassador clear 12"
Remo Ambassador clear 12"

Ambassador clear 12", Drum Head from Remo in the Ambassador series.

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safti 09/08/2009

Remo Ambassador clear 12" : safti's user review


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These skins, I've had in standard configuration for almost 13 years.

Their peculiarity that they have no identity

If the keg is maple or birch, or thicker end of the drum sound is reproduced exactly, according to the characteristic of the drum
so this skin is particularly popular with manufacturers.

The scaling is very fast I think compared to G1 at evans.

On a price they are seen by being the cheapest in the market, they are very versatile, although in some cases, preferably added some muted harmonics.

I recommend for drummers who want to learn about amateur quality skins without putting too much hand to wallet, it's still far better than any skin marks builders drumkit.

on the other hand, if you want something specific go your way.

From the point of view I still use them resonance and I'm not about to part with it.

With a professional drumkit this feature allows whatever skin you choose you are sure that the result is equal to the blurred given manufacturer, you can not be disappointed.

I advise you to prefer the frosted version if you opted for a set of drums with size (large cube).

The sound is slightly warmer and more focused so it is easier to channel the energy of the drum.





yes to start (if you bought a used drumkit with good skin flaking)




yes without hesitation is a standard indisputable