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Gibson Resonator Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson Dobrolektric

    Gibson Dobrolektric - " electric dobro!"


    dobro manufactured by gibson, since the takeover by the brand. it is an electric dobro equipped with a piezo sensor, a wonderful p90 and three knobs: -a volume -a tone -and above all, a knob which mixes the p90 and piezo ... yum !!!! the w…

  • Gibson Hound Dog Roundneck

    Gibson Hound Dog Roundneck - Ritonkeupon's review


    The guitareest manufactures in China, fully mahogany. It has a simple cneet a spider. The Grovers are: Mechanical oil bath. Gnrale finish is correct, only some screws were poorly adjusted and does the wood seems very young. The look is ol…

  • Gibson Dobrolektric

    Gibson Dobrolektric - Lagazel's review


    The Dobrolektric is the only model resonator guitar made by Gibson that is equipped with a micro P90 which is associated a Highlander piezo. No sounding board, but a hollow body structure, two vents in "f", a solid maple body and the handle, color su…

  • Gibson DM-33

    Gibson DM-33 - Gweniplodokus's review


    Ay, Ayee! Oyez, zaussi ... I now know where the Dobro born since the 1920s! In the U.S., so ... But more specifically, in the mythical workshops (they are for me now!) Of DOpyera Brothers in Long Beach, California. Well, I had been too lazy to look b…

  • Gibson DM-33

    Gibson DM-33 - Geordie's review


    Mtal body, wooden handle! Engraving on the body of the guitar. dcoration classic "palm trees" - "Style 0 -" Rsonateur a cne. UTILIZATION The handle is plutt end. Action must be high enough, if you want to play Slide (The grate is made for thi…

  • Gibson DM-33

    Gibson DM-33 - 7ender's review


    Very special guitar on which he took as j'avoine like crazy for a long time before I get really happy today. In the beginning was the feeling of playing a saucepan:-P. It feels null and not knowing what to play on! UTILIZATION The neck is relat…