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Gibson Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson SJ-200

    Gibson SJ-200 - "Sounds BIG."


    The SJ 200 is an acoustic guitar from Gibson. It has a Fishman Aura Ellipse Pickup system. The body is a bound jumbo size made from curly maple, and the top is a solid Sitka spruce piece. The neck is made of mahogany, and the fretboard is rosewood. T…

  • Gibson Hummingbird

    Gibson Hummingbird - "Doesn't get much better."


    This guitar is made in Boseman, MT (older models at Nashville, TN, USA at Gibson's highly esteemed factory). The body is mahogany, and the top is solid Adirondack spruce. The neck is set in (at the 14th fret) and made of mahogany, with a rosewood fre…

  • Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard

    Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard - "Solid traditional dread"


    Vintage Sunburst finish AA Sitka spruce top Rosewood back and sides Ebony fingerboard Grover Rotomatic tuners Gold hardware Crown headstock logo Fishman Ellipse Aura System Abalone-filled double-ring rosett…

  • Gibson Hummingbird

    Gibson Hummingbird - "Great Guitar One of the best"


    I went to the local guitar store in Virginia to test out the Martin DC-28, which has been my dream acoustic for as long as I can remember. When I got there, I pulled the Martin off the wall and played away, and fell in the love with the feel of th…

  • Gibson B45-12

    Gibson B45-12 - "Fine-Sounding, Hard to play"


    This is a quality twelve-string guitar, made by Gibson, an all around legendary manufacturer. This is acoustic, and has no electronic capabilities. There are 20 frets but only 15 are easily accessible. There is a rosewood fingerboard, a maple neck an…

  • Gibson L-00 (1936)

    Gibson L-00 (1936) - mooseherman's review


    This is a very in-demand acoustic guitar, one that hasn't been manufactured the same way in years (since the 30s). I'd say that the best thing about this guitar is its smooth, rustic tone. The guitar has no binding in the back, only top binding (the …

  • Gibson J-55 Deluxe

    Gibson J-55 Deluxe - moosers's review


    The Gibson J 55 Deluxe is a dreadnought style acoustic guitar that was made in the USA. It isn't an acoustic/electric so it doesn't have any pick ups or setting controls, but has a great inherent sound that sounds great when miced. UTILIZATION The…

  • Gibson J-50 Deluxe

    Gibson J-50 Deluxe - moosers's review


    The Gibson J-50 was made in the USA and is not an electric - acoustic so it doesn't have a pick up or any control knobs. To me, its fine that it is just acoustic as I use it for recording only, as it is one of the best sounding guitars on the planet …

  • Gibson Dove

    Gibson Dove - "Gibson Dove Custom"


    I started playing at age 14, so now that's 35 years ago? Wow. I thought I'd be better by now! Played in several bands from High School through the Navy, played in USO's overseas and in the states. Now, play contemporary Christian music. Still manage …

  • Gibson J-45 Standard

    Gibson J-45 Standard - "Gibson J45 Vintage"


    I still have a $400AUS Seagull out of Canada which for its price was cool but it lacked depth. When I decided to take my music seriously I bought the J45 for $2995AUS at Derringers music in Adelaide South Australia. The J45 is so dynamic in tone wit…