Gibson Hummingbird
Gibson Hummingbird

Hummingbird, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Gibson in the Hummingbird series.

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Gibson Hummingbird : Anonymous 's user review


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Bozeman Montana USA
20 frets, piezo-system LR BAGGS element
Typical easel reversed gibson
adjusting volume under the rose
hose-like gibson
It's all solid, beautiful spruce table, mahogany body, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and key board thread that goes on freight rates, it is the high class. Pearl inlays on the magifiques grover manche.mécaniques, nitrocellulose lacquer.


I love this race is one of the elements that made me prefer this guitar to a martin. It is difficult to express, because ultimately very personal, it's stack top handle that suits me. I tried, when purchasing a Taylor 414 CE, a Martin D18, A Gibson J 45, and this race gave me the feeling of being at home.
THE sound this guitar. It's been six months since I have it, I play it every day, and every day I find myself smack every day it surprises me, one way or another, and often there or I not wait. It has the sound I have in my ear when I think of the sound of acoustic guitar and it goes much further, it's a guitar that inspires. With a perfect balance, treble, bass, all in an astonishing volume contrasts with the softness of the overall tone. short, I found my pearl that made me give up without regret my Takamine EAN 10 I had yet enjoyed.


The acoustic sound is perfect for me. I just regette that this guitar is equipped as LR BAGGS-system élément.C'est a good system piezo, but has wholes defects piezo (string noise, low rolling ...) I think climb on another system such as iMIX LR BAGGS-(to stay in the same brand), which has the advantage of allowing to get out of that sound piezo.


In my opinion, Taylor does not sound good acoustically (but that's just my opinion), the D18 sounds good, but I do not like the handle, and it is not equipped with electro, D45 sounds good too, but I do not like the heat, and after having played the hummingbird, the D45 really chip. And anyway the store, after being moved from one to the other, the choice has become of himself. The sound, the look, the feel ... it's indescribable, I almost feel that it's the hummingbird who chose me. Of course, it's a bit expensive, but not that much finally given the quality of the instrument, and especially sound. And also, I think it is the instrument of a lifetime. Obviously, I would do the same choice.