Gibson Hummingbird
Gibson Hummingbird

Hummingbird, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Gibson in the Hummingbird series.

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heads on fire 03/03/2012

Gibson Hummingbird : heads on fire's user review

« Doesn't get much better. »

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This guitar is made in Boseman, MT (older models at Nashville, TN, USA at Gibson's highly esteemed factory). The body is mahogany, and the top is solid Adirondack spruce. The neck is set in (at the 14th fret) and made of mahogany, with a rosewood fretboard and 20 frets total. The guitar is bound on the top and back, as well as the fretboard. The Hummingbird features Gibson's high quality tuning machines, split parallelogram inlays, an ornate pickguard featuring a depiction of a hummingbird and flowers, and an ebony bridge.


This guitar plays so well, it's easy to lose track of time. I work as a guitar teacher in a music store, and many times I decide to go in early and try out some guitars. One day I came in and played a few acoustics, but when I picked up the Hummingbird, I seriously lost track of time, and when I looked at my watch, 2 hours had passed! I'm lucky that I came in super early and didn't miss any lessons! This is easily the kind of guitar that could inspire years of new songs for the owner.


Again, a perfect ten in this category. The guitar sounds like a cannon - it gets very loud when pushed, but can back off and get great subtle sounds. The notes are crisp and very distinct, and the low end is very rich. This guitar sounds great for strumming and flat picking, but also does well on fingerpicking and altered tunings.


I don't give these out much, but this instrument gets a perfect ten all around, as it is hard to imagine another guitar doing what this one does only better. There might be some that are about equal in performance, such as a good D-28, but I can't think of any dreadnought style guitars that exceed this one. It looks great, feels very nice, plays incredibly, and sounds as good as a guitar can sound. Highly recommended.