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Gibson Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson B25-N

    Gibson B25-N - "Gibson B-25"


    My mom's brother won a contest at a brand new store in Houston (Evan's Music City). He won some amount of money in the store and gave it to my mom. My mom really wanted a guitar and made a good choice with the Gibson B-25 The reason this guitar is…

  • Gibson LG-1 (1960)

    Gibson LG-1 (1960) - "Gibson LG1"


    I was looking for a quality acoustic, Fylde and Lowden were on my shortlist but I had a sneaky suspicion that an old Gibson might be sitting there, gathering dust in the corner of some guitar store waiting to win my heart. One day in Denmark Street, …

  • Gibson J-50 Deluxe

    Gibson J-50 Deluxe - "Gibson J50 Deluxe"


    I just "stole" this at a garage sale for $250 including the hardshell case. It is a 1980 model. The guitar's hardware (tuners, frets) were badly tarnished and the wood finish was very dirty and smudged. It also came with some dead bugs inside. A…

  • Gibson J45

    Gibson J45 - "Gibson J45"


    i traded a 67 gibson SG Jr & a Gibson Skylark amp for a J45 in 1969.It sounded like John Lennon's guitar in A HARD DAY"S NIGHT and had a narrow neck.Driver Music in Bethany,Ok was the seller. i wanted the guitar so badly i worked in the public lib…

  • Gibson J45

    Gibson J45 - "Gibson J45"


    I bought this guitar on a whim one day in 1973 I had always wanted a gibson J200 and I went out to buy a new one. When I reached the store there waqs the shiny new J200 and next to it was a more shiny gibson gospel. I spent the next two hours playing…

  • Gibson B25-N

    Gibson B25-N - "Gibson B - 25"


    My mom bought this guitar back in the 70's for about 200 dollars. Since it was small she gave it to me to use as a first guitar (lucky me). As a side note i would like to mention that the little piece of paper that was originally inside the guitar ha…

Translated user reviews
  • Gibson Dobrolektric

    Gibson Dobrolektric - " electric dobro!"


    dobro manufactured by gibson, since the takeover by the brand. it is an electric dobro equipped with a piezo sensor, a wonderful p90 and three knobs: -a volume -a tone -and above all, a knob which mixes the p90 and piezo ... yum !!!! the w…

  • Gibson J-45 Custom Shop 60s reissue

    Gibson J-45 Custom Shop 60s reissue - " I love the, but happiness :)"


    Made in USA Pure acoustic Gibson Custom Shop UTILIZATION Super nice to me handle, which was well in hand, ie neither too thin nor too thick profile in the most beautiful rounded. Access to acute satisfactory for this type of guitar. a k…

  • Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage

    Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage - md26's review


    Mine and a left-handed guitar. I made a special order from Gibson Bozeman (USA). This is the second guitar Ren Ferguson made and signed for me in November 2010. It was made with a Micro Aura while true vintage come without a microphone. UTILIZATION…

  • Gibson SJ-200

    Gibson SJ-200 - " Beauty & SOUND: PERFECT"


    Made in the USA recess .. 22 frets I have installed on mine (J-200 1991) an audio system Fishman Ellipse Aura, to electrify and thus connect during concerts. UTILIZATION The handle is it enjoyable? Haha, I've never played such a good hand…