Gibson J-45 Standard
Gibson J-45 Standard

J-45 Standard, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Gibson in the J-45 series.

cococh8 11/20/2013

Gibson J-45 Standard : cococh8's user review

«  A dream, with its flaws ptits »

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It is therefore a Dreadnouth shoulders drooping, spruce, back and sides Acajoux while massive recess. The overall finish is ok but nothing special. Even if a bit limited for the price. As against the sunburst is absolutely beautiful. Never seen a more beautiful now.

The microphone I like: invisible and easy to use. As against this is the shit to change the battery, you must turn two strings: but good that I knew, and I prefer it that screwed the splice ...!

The factory setting is, for me, very high in action (for a guitar at this price). I will be paid and I repeat to you.


Hyper pleasant ergonomics level, a fairly large and easy to play neck. Flexible cords thanks to the short scale. (More flexible than the same strings on a Martin D28 for example)

Access to acute shit, but good that I also knew. Otherwise I would have bought a Les Paul!


Sounds crazy!!

Its a typical hyper compressed and hot with a percussive bass that raises a thrill each Mi Perfect.

I play Blues / Folk. That's perfect. That said, we really just play with everything. Picking, pick, with teeth, everything passes.

We feel that the sound is a little green encort. Normal, she came out of the box when I purchased from Thomann at Chatelet. After two weeks, she begins to open a small can (at a rate of approximately 5/6h games per day ...) We'll see in a year or two what happens.


. I dreamed about for months and months (I still dream of this is also a monster, she's beautiful, it sounds super good Only one complaint. Adjusting the action too high from the factory and saddles / plastic anchors very cheap. I wait a few weeks to stabilize it and I do go in the luthier for adjustment compltet u + OS installation and rosewood. It should get better.

But if I had to do, I make the same.